Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 2

Humsafar is a 2011-2012 Pakistani super-popular drama. You can check the cast and characters in my post here.

Humsafar episode 2 written update and review

This episode begins at the same note where it ended. Maimoona is asking Baseerat to seek for a good match for Khirad so she (Maimoona) cna die peacefully. This is one of the most cliched scenes so it is not hard to guess that Baseerat would suggest Ashar’s proposal. Hmmm… Now, the question is, would Ashar agree to this?

Baseerat talks to Ashar, and Ashar doesn’t like it. He doesn’t reply, though. Baseerat has given Ashar some time to think about it. Does Ashar really have an option here? Or will Baseerat force his decision upon his son?

Ashar discusses this with Sara, and Sara loses her mind, as one would expect.

PS: You can  read the book review here: Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaque.

The real issue happens when FAreeda finds out. She plays her cards right and logically explains just how many things would go wrong if Ashar marries Khirad. Ashar gathers all the courage he has, and refuses to marry Khirad. I don’t mind it. I mean, he has every right to say no if he doesn’t like Khirad, or if he thinks that

Baseerat uses the big guns – emotional blackmail to convince. He starts to cry, he begs Ashar, he doesn’t relent until Ashar says:

“aap jo chahene wahi hoga. main Khirad se shaadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon.”

Tch… Poor Ashar… 

So, I was right. Baseerat forced his decision upon Ashar. One can only imagine how Fareeda would feel when she learns about this whole episode. It was quite a confrontation between Baseerat and Fareeda. She isn’t happy 

“Mera beta duniya ki sab se achhi university mein padha hai,” she says. 

Ahem… Which university is this? Can we name it, please?

She raises some valid points while she fights her case with Baseerat.

“You can’t give your sister preference over your own son.”

I agree with what she says. Everyone in life has a position. One should not get more priority over the other. I might not agree that she attacked Maimoona and her intentions, but she has a point.

I don’t like Baseerat’s character. In response to rationale arguments from Fareeda, he resorts to threats. 

“This is my house, and people must follow my rules. If you don’t like this proposal, you can leave. I will divorce you.”

Well… That’s not what he said, I am paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

In this whole episode, Khirad does not make any appearance until the very end. She has learned about Ashar’s proposal. She is neutral about the proposal, or so I feel. 

The real villain of this drama is Sara. I mean… I have nothing against the girl, but she lashed out on Khirad without a warning. No preface, no nothing. She just came to meet Khirad and started humiliating Khirad. 


I realized that Mahira’s dialogue delivery hasn’t changed in all these years. It has been 10 years, and she still chews her words. It amazes me. I change the way I talk every few weeks. This girl is so consistent.

Also, in this episode, there are two flashbacks. Fareeda recalling Baseerat’s threats, and Khirad remembering Sara’s insults. I hate flashbacks, especially when they are done in abundance such as this drama and Qissa Mehrbano Ka. Remember that? We had so many sepia flashback in it.

In this episode, we hear the OST for the very first time, the instrumental version. Abhi HKKST hota, toh we would have listened to the song at least 50 times.

Oh, since this is a rewatch, I am noticing some similarities between Humsafar and Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thhay.

  • Mehreen and Khirad both are helpless.
  • Mashal and Sara both are the other woman in the triangle.
  • Sara hates Khirad, and Mashal hates Mehreen.
  • Ashar listens to his mother’s lies and agrees without verifying anything. Aswad trusts every word Mashal says without even paying heed to what Saleha or Mehreen have to say.
  • Sara dies, Mashal dies.
  • Aswad and Ashar both are drop dead gorgeous. haha.

Anyone else feels this way?

Okie dokie, done with the second episode.

Shabana Mukhtar