Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 3

Humsafar Episode 3 rewatch: written update and review

It was only last episode’s review that I praised this drama for not relying on background music noise to take the story forward. I stand corrected. This episode gave me a headache, itna shor thha, uff…

Yeah, so Sara tries to commit a suicide. Ashar is marrying Khirad. There is no reason for her to live, right? This is so problematic-committing a suicide if you don’t get who you love. This drama is old, but people still do that. Babasi’s 4th episode showed the same- Nadiya committed a suicide when Ahmar said he is not interested in her. Aisa kab tak chalega re baba…

Sara comes across as a whiny little girl who is crying and cribbing non-stop. I have known some characters, so I can tell just how annoying they become. Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… I sympathize with her. She might have dreamt of spending her life with Ashar, dreams that are now shattered. That doesn’t mean she acts like a baby and keeps calling Ashar.

Maimoona is losing her battle against life, so Baseerat prepones the nikaah. Things have not changed much for Khirad as she spends her time with her mother. Then, the inevitable happens, and Maimoona passes away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

Baseerat is apologetic now. Khirad is married to Ashar, Maimoona has passed away. This seems like the perfect time to apologize for the harsh words he had said to Fareeda. Fareeda is also a grey character, and I can’t say that I like her very much; but she is right. How can she forget how abruptly and suddenly Baseerat threatened to divorce her?

The episode ends as Ashar comes to meet Sara. There is nothing that will force the viewer to watch the next episode. Where is the open question? Where is the cliffhanger? 

Just kidding… I already know the story. I have read the novel, and I have watched it once already. Oh, I must review the novel. You can  read the book review here: Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaque.

Three episodes down, twenty more to go.

Shabana Mukhtar