Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 4

Humsafar episode 4 written update and review

Feeling guilty, Ashar comes to meet Sara for breakfast. He apologizes for marrying Khirad (really?). The two get to talking, Sara says that she can never be mad at Ashar. It is evident that Sara hasn’t given up on Ashar yet. She probably hopes that Ashar will leave Khirad and come back to her.

At home, Fareeda is very sweet and kind to Khirad. It seems like Khirad is one lucky girl who has married into a loving family. Ashar isn’t the best husband but he does try to talk to and befriend Khirad.

When alone, Ashar still isn’t comfortable with his life partner. Sara doesn’t leave him alone. She calls and insists on going out for dinner. Ashar lies to Fareeda (red flag), and goes out with Sara. I didn’t mind the dinner. It’s their conversation that put my off.

I must admit, I know the key plot points because I have read the novel, but I don’t remember everything about the characters. Now that I’m rewatching the series, I realize just how flawed Ashar is. He lies to his family, he gossips about Khirad with Sara. Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… Sara and Ashar are childhood best friends but should he be talking about Khirad after spending only a couple of hours with her? Not cool, Ashar, not cool.

PS: You can  read the book review here: Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaque.

Zarina doesn’t like that Sara is still meeting Ashar. Sara repeats the same thing she has said for fifty times already: main Ashar se bahoooot pyaaaar karti hoon.

Mom is enjoying the show so far, and I’m getting to review it on my blog. So far, so good.

Off to review Bebasi episode 5.

Shabana Mukhtar