Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 11

A little recap from episode 10

Shanaya is helping Azka and family to fight the case for Sultan’s murder.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 11 written update and review

The case hearing has started. Arsalan isn’t in Pakistan, so the case is adjoruned until next date.

Mrs Ghayas stands up for Shanaya. She talks to Azlan and Ghayas both. I guess I have become used to seeing Ghazala Kaifi as Zehreeli chachi. This woman is different, I keep reminding myself. Slowly, Azlan is seeing reason behind Shanaya’s acts, but Ghayas doesn’t relent.

Remember this episode of Parizaad. Parizaad asks Guru to kidnap Seth Shahbaz’s son Sunny to teach Seth Shahbaz a lesson. We were wowed by Parizaad’s illegal act, didn’t we? The same thing happens here. Aliha is kidnapped so Sultan’s family would take withdraw the case. Since this is happening with the good people, our heart gets clenched. Kanwal is forced to withdraw the case; she doesn’t even tell her lawyer that she is under pressure. Tch… Such is life…

“Tum nahin, Allah hamari sachhayi saabit karega,” Khadeeja says.

Shanaya is expecting, and her little tiff with Azlan is resolved. Things are going well, except.. Aliha is still missing.

What if Aliha still loses the battle of life despite Kanwal’s sacrifice?

Uzma Hassan shines yet again as Kanwal-the grieving widow and a worried mother. Sajal and Yumna both gives their best as usual, but the last scene is just awesome.


Does anyone see resemblence of Lubna Aslam in Aliha?

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Shabana Mukhtar