Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 16

A little recap from episode 15

Abid’s proposal is rejected once again. He is like a wounded animal now, desperate for revenge.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 16 written update and review

This episode begins with another lecture by Professor Rehman. This is spiritual integration done right. They aren’t showing the main character constantly preaching. It is like a sprinkling of salt on the salad. This is how it’s done. Oh, the lesson is that we should never be disappointed from Allah’s blessings.
Kanwal sells her jewellery for Azka’s fee. So, Azka will become a doctor after all.
Except Azka’s documents are with Shanaya, were with Shanaya. Let’s prepare to see Azka and Azlan faceoff again.
Azka and Kanwal meet Shireen but she kicks them out, not literally but you get the drift. Long story short, someone has paid Azka’s fee.
Arbab Haroon comes to attend Ghayas’s funeral. Azlan challenges him, even threatens him, but will he be able to fight for justice now that he’s alone? I don’t understand why he went to confront Arbab Haroon. That confrontation was chilling, but that was also stupid.
Azlan spots the driver dude from Shanaya’s murderer gang. He also learns that Ghayas had met Arbab Haroon before losing his life. Now, just threatening isn’t going to help, right?


Azan  Sami Khan is getting better at expression his grief. After Ghayas’s funeral when he is alone in his room and breaks down, that is so real–crying ugly. Well done!


Did someone see Sabz Ali from Sang-e-Maah sitting next to Azlan?
Wasn’t Azlan’s mother’s name Ambreen? In this one, she’s addressed as Sitwat.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Thanks for finding out, Liza 🙂 Yep, more of this talented bachha…

  2. I know, and in that episode also I mentioned Khursheed Firdaus son of warden, but never found out his name.

  3. liza says:

    AHHH i found it ahah idk why i never tried searching for him before.
    his name is Muhammed Hunbal.

    anyways, Hunbal sahab, you’re doing a fine job in your roles !! i want to see more of him in other dramas 🙂

  4. liza says:

    yep!! idk what’s his name but he is also kursheed from ehd e wafa.. and he was the guy that made inappropriate comments about azka (rmbr the ‘you shut up’ scene?). that guy is mad talented. whenever i see the clip of sherryar and kursheed reuinting in the jail scene, i cry everytime. and he is also sooo cute as sabz ali. i wish i knew his name :/

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