Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 26

A little recap from episode 25

Azka offers her kidney to Ambreen, but Azlan refuses.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 26 written update and review

Azka and Azlan are engaged

Ambreen meets Azka’s family without Azlan knowing, and the engagement happens. Kanwal isn’t happy, Khadija is confused, and Azka is uncertain.
Dil khwahishat ke angaron mein chal raha ho, ankhen is karb mein baras rahi hon, yahi nafs ka sab se kada imtehan hai. Pal pal azmaish hai. Aur yahi razi ba Raza Ishq-e-Laa ki pehli manzil hai.
Professor Rehman’s words give Azka the strength to get through it.

Azlan doesn’t trust Azka, AT ALL

And that wasn’t a surprise. He wants Azka to sign a contract because he doesn’t trust Azka, and he doesn’t want Azka to file any case on him after the divorce. Boy is he going to be proven wrong.
I like Azka’s response:
My Allah knows my intentions. I won’t read the contract.
I also like her expression. It was almost as if she is rolling her eyes, exasperated over Azlan’s arrogance.

Azlan weds Azka

And it happens.
Their nikah scene reminds Azlan of his marriage to Shanaya. On the other hand, it reminded me of Mehreen and Aswad’s engagement. The sullen faces of the bride and the groom were eerily similar to Mehreen and Aswad. Wait, let me show you.
I just hope their married life isn’t similar to them.
Azka, hamara relationship aisa nahin hai ki tumhein meri ijazaat ki zaroorat ho. Tum apne faislon mein independent ho. Jis tarah mera tum par koi haq nahin hai, waise hi tumhara mujh pe koi haq nahin hai.

Neither Azka nor Azlan can get over Shanaya

Azlan keeps thinking of Shanaya, and we see several flashbacks. He even heard Shanaya’s voice. Similarly, Azka dreams about Shanaya who tells her about the virtue of patience in Ishq-e-Laa.
Shanaya’s voiceover wasn’t Sajal, and that was such a turn off. Her scene with Azka was Sajal, but the voiceover wasn’t.


Yumna Zaidi looks so pretty,  whether it is her casual avatar or her dolled up bridal avatar. She’s so talented. My goodness I love her so much.
Azan also looks good, and he has acted well, especially when he remembers Shanaya. During the first few episodes, I wasn’t impressed, but bachhe ko acting aa gayi hai.
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Shabana Mukhtar