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Ishq-e-Laa episode 28 written update and review

I am a little bit under the weather since yesterday morning. Plus, I haven’t ate anything whole day or slept much whole night. My energy levels have hit rock bottom already. So, I won’t be summarizing the episode today. I will update later, I promise.

Ishq-e-Laa is NOT Banned

First of all, let me just say that these click-bait channels on YouTube annoy me so much. One episode doesn’t air, and they put a video up with titles like:

  1. Ishq-e-Laa banned
  2. Yumna ne Ishq-e-Laa episode 28 release na hone ki wajah bata di
  3. Ishq-e-Laa par paabandi

I loath such people. I report such channels, and so should you.

Ishq-e-Laa was not banned. The episode didn’t air because of Eid days. Dobara bhi to air nahin hua thha. Nor did Badzaat, Mere Humsafar and other dramas. Get a grip, people!

Azka’s Admiration for Shanaya

Dr Omer checks Azka’s file and gladly reports that everything looks good and promising. Azka requests Dr Omer to not tell Ambreen about the donor. She doesn’t want Ambreen to be perpetually obligated and obliged to her. Isn’t she the sweetest and most considerate?

And, then she tells Dr Omer about Shanaya, how kind and selfless she was. We can see how much she feels for Shanaya.

And guess who listened to the whole conversation? Azlan, that’s who. Until now, he kept thinking that Azka is “faking” her connect with Shanaya, but now he knows that it’s real. This is the first time perhaps that he has not gotten mad at Azka. That’s improvement, people

Zain Meets Kanwal

Zain meets Kanwal and tells her that her ex-fiance Nida called off the engagement when he told her about Azka.

“I’m still single and want to marry Azka,” Zain says.

Kanwal, who isn’t happy about the paper marriage, or the kidney-donation, tells Zain everything. This gives Zain hope to reunite with Azka.

And while they are talking, Khadija is standing outside the door. That’s how Khadija finds out about Azka donating her kidney to Ambreen. She is pained, so much so that she falls sick. I understand her pain. A mother would be devastated to learn that her (now) only child has donated one kidney. And worse, that she has done a paper marriage.

The Emotional Meeting of Azka & Khadija

The way Azka slowly walked to her mother and hugged and a single teardrop fell from her eye, it was enough to move me to tears. There is something about a mother hugging her daughter that always makes me emotional. When one is sick, the slightest thing triggers the waterworks. I also cried while watching a video my nephew made at home. Simply seeing my mom on the screen made my cry, and then seeing my young niece. I was an emotional mess yesterday.

Alright, back to the show.

While Khadija is momentarily hurt by the truth, she commends Azka’s brave step. It isn’t easy to do such a selfless act.

I’m Still Here for You: Zain

Zain meets Azka at the hospital. He tells her that he is still availble, and still want to marry her. Now, the whole family (Khadija, Kanwal, and even Azka) is kinda thinking that all is going to be well.


It won’t be.

Azlan, Jealous Much?

Azlan spots a handsome man entering Azka’s room. Is he curious? Of course.

He later sees the same man talking to Dr Omer. He can see that Dr Omer is very friendly to this handsome man. Is he jealous now? Probably.

Azlan casually ask Dr Omer about Zain (very smart and subtle, though, and I like the writing of this scene).  He learns that Zain and Azka were best students. Now, would he be able to put two and two together and conclude that Azka and Zain were a thing? We don’t know yet.

Azlan was quite a changed man in this episode–mellow and polite to Azka.

Azlan’s Quest for Peace Continues

Whether it is Azka’s unwavering faith in Allah and the power of Dua, or Ambreen’s little advice to Azlan to offer Namaz, or his run in with a baba at a deserted road, Azlan is again seeking sukoon in his life. He goes to see Professor Rehmani, whose words Shanaya cherished and admired much. Professor Rehmani’s monologue makes us all rethink of our lives and our priorities, and it was a very well written piece.

Does it have any impact on Azlan? We don’t know yet.


This episode was quite fast paced and happening. Events took place like zoop-zoop-zoop… Although I have taken some notes, I don’t want to get into the details yet. All I want to say is that I loved this episode.

Yet again, the review wouldn’t be complete without praising the talent that is Yumna. I loved how she hesitantly talked to Dr Omer for not telling Ambreen about the donor, or how she apologized to Azlan for being a bit out of line.
Azan Sami Khan isn’t bad himself. When je talked to a random baba, one could see that he is hurting. That’s good acting, peeps.
But the most important thing is Azan and Yumna’s onscreen chemistry. I can feel electric chemistry between them, even though they haven’t even held hands yet. When azlan entered Ambreen’s room and said, “hey” to Azka, my eyes were like 💖💖💖

I can sense that things are about to get better between Azka and Azlan, even though Zain has entered the equation like an unnecessary coefficient. I want Azlan and Azka to spend more time together. I hope, just hope that they don’t rush the “romance” part of it just to get to the end. Remember what happened in Hum Tum? 1.5 episodes mein saara kuch khatam. But that’s a rant for a different time.

Okay, little confession, I snuck a peek at the teaser for episode 29 (I just couldn’t resist), and I simply loved how Azlan comes to Azka’s house.

“Chalo, main tumhein ghar le jane aaya hoon,” Azlan tells Azka.

That single line was enough to get me excited for the next episode. It is going to be EPIC.

Ishq-e-Laa isn’t perfect

Nothing ever is. My only grouse with this drama is the paper marriage thing. While this drama is trying to bring us closer to Allah, and a path of self-discovery and Ishq-e-Laa, how could it negate a ruling of Islam? Paper marriage, contract marriage, temporary marriage that binds the man and woman for a “specified time period” is haram. Allah ko maano, but don’t follow Islam, is that the lesson here?

While I enjoy the story, and possibility of a sweet romance between Azka and Azlan, I don’t endorse the way their wedding happened. They should renew their nikaah after they decide to stay together.

Alright, signing off.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I know, like they did in Hum Tum. Give it time, let it sizzle, that’s the best kinda romance.

  2. Fan says:

    “ I can feel electric chemistry between them” me too!!! I wish Zain had not come back. The story would have still been powerful without it. Now it feels unfair and evil. I hope they spend enough story time on how Azlan will convince Azka that he and his mother need her. I hope they don’t rush that.

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