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Ishq-e-Laa episode 30 written update and review

So, we see Azlan come to take Azka home, and being the sweetest person ever, Azka agrees. The next morning starts with azaan. Azlan comes to Azka’s room and asks her to teach her how to perform namaz.

The next scene is just beautiful.

This is just the first time we are seeing a woman showing a man how to pray. That’s not the best thing about this. The way Azka folded the corner of her janamaz, the way she put Azlan’s janamaz a little ahead of hers, and the way she started namaz, or how Azlan touched his ears while saying Takbeer-e-Tehreema… it is just so good. #real #goosebumps

Of course, I ignore the fact that the pillows are on the opposite side of kaaba, so Azka must be sleeping with her feet towards baitullah, or that when she folds her hands after takbeer, her left hand is on top of her rightt hand. Being a lefty doesn’t mean the namaz rules change for you, right?



The sweetness continues as Azlan makes tea for Azka, and in return, Azka offers to make breakfast for Azlan. Sweet, isn’t it?

So, for a change of taste, we see Kanwal bitterly asking Azlan to “free” Azka so Azka should remarry. Later, Zain calls Kanwal to ask for the copy of contract. Shit, this shit was real. I had forgotten about that.



Ambreen is home, and Azlan and Azka both are being the sweetest son and daughter-in-law. Ambreen is happy, too. So, she asks what is every mother-in-law’s birthright–mujhe ek chhota sa khilona chahiye.

I rolled my eyes so hard. Aunty, abhi inka waleema bhi nahin hua. Aapki tabiyat thik nahin thhi. They were in the hospital the whole time. I mean… even if this wasn’t contract marriage, it would take time to get to know each other and you know… make a baby. This is so cliche, and I find it so annoying, but I will use it in my next story for sure.

Anywho, loved the way Azlan laughed at his mother’s farmaish.



The beauty of this episode is the scene between Azlan and Azka.

Azka: My family knows about this contract marriage.  They want this contract to end as soon as possible/

Azlan: Do you want this divorce?

Azka: I have no reason to not want this.

Azlan proposes to continue the wedding, FOREVER, for Ambreen’s sake. Of course, Azka strictly refuses this proposition.

The best part of the scene was that Azlan walked out of the room without a word once Azka said no, and that he kept the door opened when he talked to her.


Azlan is a on a path to self-discovery and self-correction. He apologizes to Azka for hurting her about the whole “contract marriage” thing. He also apologizes to his old emplyee Danish sahab and asks him to come back to work.

Later, he finds Azka’s diary and reads all the entries.

Alright, can we get to the romance now, please?



Azlan and Azka look great together. I love, love, love their chemistry. The kitchen scene was so so sweet.



I like the pace of this drama. This episode does look like the second-last episode. Things are nearing conclusion. I’m sure the next episode will nicely lead to a rousing finale. I can’t say the same about Dobara. But, this isn’t the time for that.


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