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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi | Going To Any Length To Attain Love

The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shamsher, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 9 Written Update and Review

**Major Spoilers Ahead**

Nawab Dilawar shows no remorse

Dara suspects that Nawab Dilawar is taking the situation too lightly. To which he replies about saving his son from a snake. A metaphor describing Mahek’s in Shamsher’s life.

Dara warns Dilawar that he should be prepared that Shamsher won’t let this go easily. He will forever be affected by her death.

But Nawab Dilawer? He still thinks Shamsher is an infant, who can forget all his worries in an instant.

Mahek is alive… and not well

Mahek’s family is devasted. Laila Wasti and Shahvood Alvi were so incredible playing the helpless parents. Why does Laila Wasti always play the bechari ammi roles? Well for starters, Rabia in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay, Shireen in Ishq-e-Laa, Shehla in Qurban. Why is this woman always type casted? She is much more capable than playing the bechari maa role.


Shamsher in his grief comes to Mahek’s house to “gather her memories” but is immediately thrown out by Akram LOL.


Many loopholes in this drama but I’m tired and I don’t wanna discuss them. But hey, Mahek is very much alive and not well. How you may ask. Well I don’t bloody know!

Rehan calls Akram in the middle of the night and reveals to him about Mahek.And bas phir, there is a reunion. Lot of rona dhona. Also, Durrefishan didn’t convince me as much in that scene. And the placement of her wounds just look perfect. Too perfect.


Akram convinces Mahek to go to Multan. And they bid a tearful goodbye.


But as Mahek get’s off Multan station, guess who spots her. Sheru. He runs to her to stop the car but fails.

Will Shamsher find out?

Drama Review

KTK is getting tedious to watch, I don’t understand how it gets so many views?? The story is nonsensical and illogical. And I catch myself laughing at most scenes because of how ridiculous it is. But I know, I know… I may be jumping into conclusions.

Let’s see where this drama takes us.

Also I hate Danish Taimoor’s hair. So gelled up! Even his performance isn’t as convincing since I last saw him in Ishq Hai. And in Deewangi, he was so hot AF and his performance was just so so good. I don’t know, or I can’t keep my finger at where he is lacking. Is it because I’ve seen him play this role time and time again? Maybe.

But I’ll still watch it.

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