Drama Review | Laapata | Cast & Characters

Laapata is a new HUM TV drama starring Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Gohar Rasheed. Written and directed by Khizer Idrees, this dram ais produced by Momina Duraid Productions.


When I heard about this drama, I had no plans to watch it, because I don’t want an overdoze of Ayeza Khan. But, I like Sarah Khan and Ali Rehman just as much. So, here goes.

Let’s meet the cast and the characters.


Ayeza Khan as Gaiti Aara

A tiktoker

Asma Abbas as Sameena

Gaiti’s mother, a widow


Sara Khan as Falak

Badminton player. She likes her cousin Shams.

Sajeer ud Din as Khursheed

Gaiti’s bade mamu, Falak’s father


Falak’s mother

Ali Rehman as Shams

Shams gambles to be rich. Hasn’t studied, nor can he focus on business. He likes Falak.

Akbar Aslam as Hameed

Chhote mamu, Shams’s father

Munazza Arif as Rukhsana

Shams’s mother, Gaiti’s chhoti mumani


Falak’s sister. She’s married, but her husband has lost her job. She isn’t financially well off, and wants her sister to not have the same fate as hers.


Falak’s brother-in-law



Falak’s nephew

Kasim Khan as 

Gaiti’s one scene boyfriend


Shams’s friend


The hakeem who introduces Shams to the world of gambling.

Saifi Hassan as Inspector

Oh, my god. I didn’t know that Saifi bhai is also part of this. If he’s part of any project, I can’t not watch it.

Alright, so he plays some inspector, he’s also involved with the gambling shit.

Alright, off to review the two episodes that are released so far.

Gauhar Rasheed as Psycho Daniyal

Momina Iqbal as Aliya 

Daniyal’s first wife, Sardar’s daughter


Daniyal’s nemesis. Sardar has killed Daniyal’s grandfather and has taken his lands.

Aliya’s brother


Daniyal’s friend. He knows about Daniyal’s past, even the fact that he had killed Aliya.


Aurangzeb’s wife. She’s a lawyer, and doesn’t like that Aurangzeb is friends with Daniyal. She even offers to help Falak. 

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