Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 12

Let’s watch and review the twelfth episode.

Laapata episode 12 written update

Gaiti insists that Sameena should talk to Hameed and Rukhsana. Shams’s parents are happy about the proposal. They also talk to Shams. Shams cannot find a reason to say no. Later, when he confronts Gaiti, she doesn’t hesitate to confess that she likes him. Girl has guts… A little too much at times… 

Shams gets a job as a floor manager, but old employees don’t like him. The union leader Raju, in particular, hates Shams because he wants to be the floor manager himself. 

Daniyal finds Shams’s diary and a photograph. He loses his temper again, calls Falak and asks her to come back home. Yet again, we see a fine performance by Gauhar.

How did he get the diary? Did Munira the house-help put it there. Daniyal slaps Falak, and Falak slaps him back. Nice, but she still doesn’t tell him the whole truth. 

The episode ends as Daniyal threatens to avenge Falak and his family for these misinformation about Shams. Psycho!

Oh, Raju is the same guy who plays Shoki in Parizaad.

Shabana Mukhtar