Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 14

Alright, it’s two days too late, but here I am with review of Laapata’s latest episode.

Laapata episode 14 written update

Laapata 14

Daniyal asks Aliya to stay out of touch with her family. Aliya doesn’t understand him but Daniyal spells out every dark secret of him and his family. Munira still sees a man coming to meet Aliya. The same thing repeats and Munira gets suspicious.

We don’t see the man but I’m sure it’s Aliya’s brother. Munira doesn’t know this, so she tells Daniyal.

Aurangzeb and Ayesha invite Aliya and Daniyal for lunch. We see glimpse of Daniyal’s anger and greed. And then he kills Aliya and her brother both.

Munira is the only eyewitness, and Daniyal quiets her with money. Now, Falak is safe with at Munira’s house but will Daniyal find her? I think so.


Shabana Mukhtar