Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 16

Some comedy, some drama, some tragedy and a lot of romance, that’s how I would describe this episode. Let’s review the episode, shall we?

Laapata episode 16 written update

In episode 15, Shahid tried to spoil Gaiti’s impression on Shams. Shams retorted by telling Shahid that Nasreen was interested in him (Shams). Shahid doesn’t like it, obviously, and takes his anger out on Nasreen, obviously, in the most obvious way.

Shams and Gaiti are out for a ride on Shams’ new bike. Gaiti gets a call from Sameena-Shahid has argued with Nasreen. The way Shams straightens the whole matter is funny. I mean, we need some fun scenes, right?

The tragedy was so predictable. Faryal’s sister-in-law keeps interfering with Faryal’s routine because she has sort of lost her family. Her husband has remarried, and even her kids have moved in with their new mother.

The romance between Shams and Gaiti is sweet and subtle. Shams even writes a poem for Gaiti.

And then it’s time for drama.

And then Falak and Shams meet. Even on 2.x, it was slowmo. No, wait… It was sloooooooooowmooooooo. Falak lies to her family that Daniyal has been sent to London office. Let’s see how far these lies can go.

Shams spends the rest of the night thinking about Falak. We know what’s going on in his mind. Now, he doesn’t want to marry Gaiti. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be such a thali ka baingan but…

Anywho. How did you like the episode?

Shabana Mukhtar