Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 22 | Finale already and pleasantly predictable

Let’s watch and review the twenty-second and the last episode.

Say what now?

I mean, I knew that it wouldn’t be one of those dramas that run for 26-30 episodes, but I didn’t expect it to end today.

Laapata episode 22 written update

Okay, so Muneera does what we all expect her to do-tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Her husband didn’t allow to get medical assistance for Daniyal and that’s why Daniyal couldn’t recover from the blow to his head.

Alright, so Falak is acquitted.

Then we hear an hour long rendition of Rang Hai… Not my favourite rendition, but I liked it.

Gaiti is still Gaiti, so she threatens Falak. Falak isn’t meek, either. That is sorted.

Logic does have his importance in this drama. He helps Falak to track down all the boys Gaiti has loved before. Nah. I’m kidding. Gaiti doesn’t love anyone except herself. Logic helps Falak to track down all the boys that Gaiti was after. Sameena learns about this and breaks the engagement with Shams. 

Chalo, chutti… Oh, I love Falak’s line when she’s talking to Faryal:

Main bhi jail ho kar aa gayi hoon, Shams ko bhi jail ka experience hai, setting acchi rahegi.


So, this drama comes to an end. 

I felt that in order to finish this in 22 episodes, many scenes were shortened. Things happened like khat-khat-khat. Some important details were omitted. I mean, we see Gaiti trying to study, and then trying to learn badminton but she becomes an actress as we all expect. 


I was right on both accounts. 

1. Falak and Shams end up together.

2. Gaiti becomes an actress and she still has her shenanigans.

It wasn’t too bad. Gaiti was an unpredictable character, and she remained that way till the end. I like it. So her character was written in a certain way.

Shabana Mukhtar