Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 4

Let’s watch and review the fourth episode.

Laapata episode 4 written update

Shams wants to Falak about the last night’s shit but she thinks he’s talking about their engagement.

The morning begins with the parents arguing unnecessarily. Hameed’s character is so inconsistent. In one scene, he’s fighting with Khursheed. In next scene, he’s defending Falak and Khursheed. Weird!

Falak and Shams confront their parents. They want to get married, at all cost. Their parents just might agree. I like that Falak’s suggestion to Faryal. Sahi hai. Instead of cribbing about Sohail’s salary, she could just get a job, no?

اگر آدھی آبادی گھر بیٹھ گئی نا، تو کر لی ہمارے ملک نے ترقی۔

Sarah gets some of the best lines.

Does anyone else feel that Hakeem and inspector are together to fool Shams? I meant Shams is shown to be a master as poker (I think that’s what they are playing), and suddenly he loses twenty lakhs. Unbelievable!

In this episode, Gaiti creates a Madhuri Dixit look- the 1-2-3 song from Tezab. Gaiti is damaged goods. She scares me…

Sarah looks so pretty in that yellow dress.

I like the OST but every episode plays the whole song. Overdose!

This isn’t the usual rom-comish drama that I usually watch, and I don’t want to watch it. 

But I will give it another try. If it gets too much to handle, I will stop watching it.

Shabana Mukhtar