Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 5

Let’s watch and review the fifth episode.

Laapata episode 5 written update


So, everybody is happy about the 


And then Hameed’s shop assist comes to announce that Shams’s dead body is at the hospital.

Of course, it’s a misunderstanding.

It’s someone else. But Shams is still missing. And we know that he might not be under the most favourable situations. No prizes for guessing — he’s taken by inspector when he goes for the interview. Inspector has also threatened Logic to disappear. 


Desperate to find Shams, Hameed and Khursheed go to the police station to file FIR. Inspector plays with them, like literally plays mental games. His words have double meaning, something that Hameed and Khursheed don’t understand but we the audience do. 


Gaiti resents her earlier outrage and does everything in her power to fix the things. She even pays the shopkeeper the money she owed him. She also admits that she shouldn’t have misused her power as a social media star. I know some people made a fuss about that video that Gaiti made falsely accusing the shopkeeper of eve teasing. 


Mohabbat mein jazbaat dekhe jate hain, hisaab kitaab nahi dekha jata. 


I told you, Falak gets the best lines. 


Saifi Hassan is so good as the menacing inspector. 

The best scene, however, is the fajr azaan when Falak gets ready for prayers and breaks down. So effective, and so beautiful.   

The promos show that we will see a time leap of two years and Gauhar Rasheed will make his entry. I also think that Shams will meet somewhat like Saadi Yusuf’s fate (if you don’t know who Saadi Yusuf is, it’s such a shame) as in he will be falsely incriminated in a terrorist encounter. 


This drama is getting more serious than I like. I might not watch the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar