Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 14

Mere Humsafar is a new ARY Digital drama starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir as lead and an ensemble cast.

Mere Humsafar Episode 14 Written Update & Review


I was watching the last episode of Suno Chanda season 2, just for old times’ sake. 
So, Hamza learns that all the dresses that Haala have are Rumi or Sameen’s rejects. Now, we all know what it means.
Yep, it is shopping time. I was so jealous. I’m always in for some shopping. Who isn’t?
Waise, the dress that was supposedly too loose was quite well fitted. 
Reception was a fun affair. Hamza looked dashing and Haala looked like a doll. I also liked Rumi’s outfit. After the reception, Sameen creates a scene interrupting the romance between the newlyweds. It upsets Haala, and she asks for a divorce.
All said and done, Hamza aur Haala mein ek talaaq ho gayi hai. 
This drama’s story might be dated, but the performances are on point. From Farhan to Hania, from Sameena Ahmad to Hira Khan everyone has acted well. 



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Shabana Mukhtar