Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 15

Mere Humsafar latest episode is a day late, but here goes.

A little Recap of Episode 14

Haala and Hamza are married now,.despite many people’s opposition. Shah Jahan isn’t happy, Sameen isn’t happy, Sofia isn’t happy, Jalees isn’t happy because Sameen isn’t happy. Only Riffat Begum is happy, and Rumi partly only because Sameen isn’t happy. She genuinely looks in a merry mood, though. I think bhai ki shadi ki khushi hai. As for Raees Ahmad, he has accepted what his only son has decided. Abba aqalmand hain. Samajhdari ki unhone.

Mere Humsafar Episode 15 Written Update & Review

The whole drama regarding Haala and Hamza’s wedding continues, but the best part is that Haala now learns to look at Hamza and what he wants instead of listening to others. This little tip from Nafees has brought a positive change in her life. Yeah, it was Nafees pearls of wisdom that Haala has even thought of talking back to Shah Jahan, or refusing to do something that Shah Jahan has asked to do.

Hamza is the ideal accidental husband. He takes care of Haala, he takes a stand for her, he tells his family to not overburden her with household chores. He even romances with her, even though they weren’t really involved before the nikaah. He is so perfect. To all the shauhars out there, seekho kuch Hamza se. 

The last scene between Haala and Hamza was so so good. My heart went to Haala.

Dil ek minute mein 80 baar dhadakta hai. Dad mujhe 160 baar yaad aate hain. Meri zindagi ka har dukh uss ek faisle se juda hai.

I paraphrase, of course, but it was so well said. If Nafees hadn’t left Haala with Shah Jahan, Haala’s life would have been different. Haala isn’t wrong to think this way. Her father’s decision made her life a living hell.

Shah Jahan can’t do much for all that Hamza is doing for Haala, but she wouldn’t concede yet, that we know. But what she will do and when, we still don’t know.

Khurram and her mother reconcile with Shafaq and her family. I bet Khurram will be back in Haala’s life, and that will be the final conflict in this love story.

By the way, I feel that Hamza is short tempered. He keeps lashing out at Haala. I agree, she does talk nonsense sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he would just yell at her all the time, no?

As for the performances, it was mostly olay. Zoya Nasir has acted so loudly, so loudly. I have never liked her but in this drama she has outdone her previous OTT acting. Argh! Hira Khan, on the other hand, is a delight to watch. Her role is the best, I think I’m saying this for the third time. 

Hania Amir looks stunning when she smiles and she looks gorgeous when she cries. I think she is the best for this role.

And of course, the review wouldn’t be complete without praising the talent that is Farhan Saeed. He makes Hamza so real, so wanted. If you are like Haala, you would want someone like Hamza to romance you. If you aren’t like Haala, you would want someone like Hamza to romance you. 



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