Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 36

Mere Humsafar is ARY Digital drama starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir as lead and an ensemble cast.

Mere Humsafar Episode 36 Written Update & Review

Thanks to all the poison that Shah Jahan has spilled in front of Haala, the damsel in distress isn’t willing to trust Hamza. She refuses to go with Hamza.

Haala: Tum mujhe kya choroge. Main tumhein chorti hoon.

She takes a stand, a strong one at that. She remembers every evil deed done to her by Shah Jahan. Her toys, her clothes, her school, 

Despite listening to all this, Hamza asks if there is “any other reason” behind Haala’s decision to leave Hamza.

Seriously? Are you kidding me right now?

Why is he doubting Haala? Didn’t he claim that he would always trust Haala? Was it all just tall claims?

Hamza was the epitome of a good husband. He knew how to balance his love for his wife and his mother. He always said whatever made sense. And, now, he has suddenly become the doubting, suspecting husband.

After the whole face-off, Hamza almost his car, while Haala is weeping. It’s only Mariyam who is thinking with her head. She is the first the raises the question about Hamza’s accusing words. 

The whole scene where Sameen celebrates her first position and Sofia mourns that Shah Jahan didn’t inform about Rumi’s engagement was unnecessary. I mean, I didn’t get it why Sameen was so hyper, and why Sofia was so touchy about Rumi. Anywho!

While this family is still discussing Sameen’s high ambitions, Shah Jahan barges in, bringing Hamza’s proposal for Sameen. Ouch!

Sofia and Sameen both refuse, safachat inkaar… Bhai waah!!! I like how Sameen decided Shah Jahan. Bandi smart toh hai. 

If Sameen’s word hadn’t hurt Shah Jahan enough, Rumi comes in to announce that she wouldn’t marry Rameez. Bas phir, raita phail gaya. Cheekh pukaar, maar dhaar, galaa dabana… Ufff… 

Lastly, the episode has one of the best albiet weird conversation. Hamza comes to talk to Khurram.

Kyu bhai?

“Mere jhoot ko parakhne ki bajaye tum apni mohabbat ko kyun nahin parakhte?” Khurram asks Hamza.

Again, I raise the questions again.

  1. Why is Hamza being so silly?
  2. Can’t he see the right from wrong?
  3. Why doesn’t he himself realize that he loves Haala?
  4. Why is Khurram telling him about this mohabbat?

Ufff, too many questions..

Omar Shehzad impresses me for the first time. Dude has enviable height and physique, but in this scene I could say that he can act. He was so annoying since the beginning. 

While Haala is praying for her future, Khurram is advocating for Haala’s innocence. Aur Hamza ko kakh bhi farq nahin parta. Kya hero banega re tu?

I’m hoping this drama ends with 40 episodes, which means only 3 episodes more. I guess that would be enough to “sametoing” the “raita” that this drama is.

Alright now!



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