Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 18

I was so stunned while watching this episode that I didn’t even take any notes. I was enjoying the dialogues and the execution so much. This is one of the most memorable and satisfying episodes of Parizaad. It also spins off two important subplots. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Alright, so Parizaad is rich now. The dude has got monies, and he always had the attitude. It’s just that people are listening to him now.

Okay, so now that Parizaad is rich, people want to befriend him for their benefits. Kamaali, Parizaad’s PA, insists Parizaad to attend a party. The party is hosted by Seth Rehman (Iqbal Hussain) who is seeking favours from Parizaad. He has hired an actress to woo Parizaad. Any guesses who that actress is?

Lubna, who is now known as Mahpara. I told you she will come back. Parizaad might have become rich, but his sensibilties are still the same. He doesn’t mince words, he isn’t shy of his humble background, and he is still charming as always. The scene that reunites Lubna and Parizaad is extremely well-executed.

Parizaad also meets his family. His brothers and sisters-in-law claim to be the nicest people ever, even though it is obvious that Parizaad knows their true intentions. It is only Saeeda who genuinely cared for Parizaad, and it is only Saeeda that Parizaad genuinelt cares for.

That was Parizaad reconnecting with people from his past.  His future will have someone special, too. Yumna Zaidi’s enters the show with a voiceover. She’s an RJ Quratul-Ain aka Aini, she’s a student of the same university of which Parizaad is an alumuni, and Parizaad is his favourite poet. She even recites Parizaad’s poem for her listeners before she starts her evening show.

jab dheemay dheemay hansti ho

Us barish jaisi lagti ho

thodi dil ki kehti ho

zyada dil mein rakhti ho

kyun jaoon rang raiz ke paas

tum to siyah mein mein bhi jachti ho

karne do inhen singhar

tum saada bhi sajti ho

So, finally, Yumna is here.

The writing and the dialogues of the whole episode is so so good. We see a glimpse of old Parizaad who philosophised about things.

Parizaad to Kamaali: Seth Rehman jaise saudagaron ki dalali karna choR do.

Parizaad to his brothers: Aap log meri fikr na karein. Mujhe kaRwai baaton ki aadat ho chuki hai.

Parizaad to Mashal’s mother: In takey-takey ke logo ke saamne apni beti ko ruswa ne karien.


There were two scenes that simply won my heart. The first one was Mashal’s reappearance as Mahpara Begum. Mashal hasn’t talked much, but those expressions on her face speak volumes. She’s happy, she’s overwhelmed, she’s grateful all at the same time. The other scene was when Parizaad meets his sister Saeeda. Saeeda feels Parizaad’s presence as if she can’t trust her eyes. She doesn’t breakdown ekdum bhan bhan karke. She tears up, she’s smiling, she is proud of her brother, she’s happy. Superb acting by her.

I’m still torn which of these two scenes were most effective. I would say both. So, what was your favourite scene from this episode?

Parizaad, the new HUM TV drama is based on Hashim Nadeem’s novel of the same name. For brief summary of the novel and my review of the same, read here.

Shabana Mukhtar