Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 26

Parizaad episode 26 written update and review

Ahmad Nasaaz and Jharna are happy about getting work in the film industry. Parizaad is such a loyal friend. He goes out of his way to help his friend.
Tumhara dil bhi ab mere dil ki tarah jhoot bolne laga hai, Parizaad tells Nasaaz.
Nasaaz gives Parizaad another idea–to change his appearance. Parizaad seriously considers this option, so much so that he even contacts a doctor for enquiry.
On the other hand, Parizaad is also feeling a sense of jealousy, rivalry, raqabat, you know… Just look at his face.
Would he ever think of taking Sharjeel out of his way? He has Guru and his aides to support him.
Jharna and Nasaaz are engaged, by the way.
Nasaaz: mohabbat aur Jung mein sab jayez hai.
Parizaad: Yeh mohabbat hai, jung nahin
Nasaaz: Mohabbat se badi koi jung nahin. Jo raqeeb par rahem kare uski mohabbat mein khot hai.


Does anyone know the real name of Jharna? She’s so pretty, and quite talented, too.
Shabana Mukhtar