Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 27

Parizaad episode 27 written update and review

The past keeps coming back to Parizaad. This time, it’s Seth Noman, the man who bought Parizaad’s poetry. Nice interaction between them. That’s a closure.

Also, Majid has now learned about Parizaad’s help in his new job. I guess this is closure for the while Naheed track.

Bahot der kar deta hoon main
Zaroori baat kehni ho
Koi waada nibhana ho
Usey awaz deni ho
Usey wapas bulana ho
Bahot der kar deta hoon main

I think that’s Muneer Neyazi’s poem, but I remember the words are different. Anywho!

Nasaaz tells Parizaad to not be late this time. They are now leaving for final leg of shooting their movie. Okay, so Nasaaz wouldn’t die, unlike the novel. That’s also a closure.

Ainee and Sharjeel are ready to take their flight to USA for Ainee’s treatment, her eyes transplant, I mean. She comes to meet Parizaad one last time. At the same time, Parizaad shows Akbar Sharjeel’s photograph. It seems impossible that Parizaad would go so far as to have someone killed for love.

Ainee is interviewing Parizaad while Akbar is chasing Sharjeel to kill her. Would Parizaad stop Akbar?

He does. The way he sees his old and new self in the mirror is just awesome, so well done.

Parizaad realizes just how wrong he was. He withdraws his decision to take his rival out of his way, and he also changes his mind to undergo plastic surgery.

Now, the story has entered the final act of the story-Parizaad the wanderer. For more details, please check my review of the novel.


Yumna and Ahmad Ali Akbar both shine in that scene when they say good-bye.

“Aap nahin jante aap mere liye kya hain, kitne qeemti hain. Mere maseeha hain.” Ainee tells Parizaad.
“Meri saari duaon mein tum ho. Aur meri duaen sirf tumhari hain.” Parizaad tells Ainee.


At 4:55 did anyone notice the voice change as Parizaad says “aalam-e-mumkinat hai”?

Shabana Mukhtar