Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 7


Alright, it’s time to watch the latest episode of Parizaad.

Parizaad episode 7 written review

So, we meet Lubna. Parizaad runs into her. No, that wasn’t a phrase. Parizaad literally runs into her. She’s doing an Urdu version of Shakespeare’s Othello (you’d know that if you’ve read the novel).


Parizaad has a reputation already, and people are already ask him to handle the Urdu magazine. Wow!


Lubna wants to incorporate Urdu poetry in her drama and guess who’s the poet she finds.


جب دھیمے دھیمے ہنستی ہو

اس بارش جیسی لگتی ہو

تھوڑی دل کی کہتی ہو

زیادہ دل میں رکھتی ہو

کیوں جاؤں رنگ ریز کے پاس

تم تو سیاہ میں میں بھی جچتی ہو

کرنے دو انہیں سنگھار

تم سادہ بھی سجتی ہو

Just as one would expect, Parizaad looks impressed with Lubna. He writes the poem, Lubna wins the competition.


He isn’t the only one impressed. Lubna is also impressed with him. In two meetings, she says: “you see life with a different point of view.”


Itni jaldee? Abhi to Parizaad doesn’t even know your name. Did we hear her name? Or is it just me quoting her name from the novel? You can check book review here.


Saleem’s mother is still bickering that Saleem’s business is ruined no thanks to the sudden scandal about food poisoning. Saeeda asks Akbar and Asghar about her share in the property. Both brothers flatly refuse that she has any share in it. So typical! This family angle is only to elongate the narrative.


Parizaad attends Lubna’s success party. Her mother doesn’t like Parizaad, obviously. He also meets Noman, a man who’s lattu on Lubna. He wants to impress Lubna and offers Parizaad to be a ghost poet for a price. Parizaad is agitated. He declines the offer. But we know he will have to come back to sell his work, soon, very soon.

And I hope that I publish my book soon, very soon.

Shabana Mukhtar