Drama Review | Raqs-e-Bismil | Episode 2

Raqs-e-Bismil episode 2 written update and review


Musa and Essa are done with their meeting with muhakma-e-awqaf. Things are on the right track, except Musa’s heart, which he has lost to that niqab-posh haseena. He doesn’t pay attention at home or at the majlis.

Essa is my favourite character so far. He asks Musa to take him out for meal or tea or samosa. That’s so relatable. When I go out, I expect to be fed. I hope he isn’t just a comic-relief character. He has been in love with Sakina forever. If he has kept his feelings to himself for so long, he is the best kind of character.

Hajra and Peer are looking for a match for Musa, and they also talk to another Peer for their daughter Sitara. Sakina can sense the vibe that Musa isn’t interested in Sitara, so she pesters that Hajra should fix Musa’s wedding as soon as possible. Musa has hurt Sakina. Revenge toh banta hai..

Musa has literally lost his mind and heart. He follows niqab-posh haseena but loses track because of many kids blocking his way.

He follows her again, talks to her.

I liked this scene. For one, Musa parks in front of “No Parking”. This shows that he doesn’t think much about Huqooq ul Ibad as much as he should. Oh, and I saw Saleem Mairaj but I don’t know much about his character yet.

We see Anna ji and her house. One girl is taking dance lessons while niqab-posh haseena aka Zohra aka Zari is getting ready for University. She’s an escort much like other girls of her family. Her niqab isn’t for purdah but only to protect her identity.

Say what now?

Oh, Musa has proposed to Zohra already. When he comes back for an answer, Zohra gathers mohalle waley to beat up Musa.

Can’t wait to see Musa’s reactions when he learns the truth about Zohra.

Getting late… I have to watch two podcasts now. Will meet you guys later.

Shabana Mukhtar