Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 2

Sang-e-Maah is new Hum TV Drama of 2022.

Sabz Ali seeks help from Hilmand to save himself from jirga’s decision. I loved their conversation.

This is the first time I am seeing a jirga. From the tender age of seven, I have been reading Urdu fiction, and have read plenty of novels with jirga and decisions. I am so effing delighted to see it on screen.

I digress.

Haaji and others sit for jirga and have already decided something. But someone has objections. Hilmand Khan, that’s who. He isn’t there just for the sake of objection. He has some valid points. Bas phir, jirga is confused. Hayen? Hilmand has got guts.

Now, Samandar Khan, Shah Pari’s father accusses Haaji of surrendering to his own son. Haaji isn’t tame, either. He has a reply to every objection raised. I liked how he took a decision for Sabz Ali. The final confrontation between  Marjaan and Hilmand was also nice.

So, apparently, twenty years are over, and Mastan Singh is back to where he once lived-Zargoona’s house.


What’s that about? 

This drama has so many open questions. Why can’t we see all the episodes at once?


Truth be told, I was too stunned to even take notes. What an episode it was. It had me hooked from the first scene, literally hooked. I like the pace, I like the execution, I love the performances. Simply love it!

And the episode ends on such a cliff hanger. Superb writing.

Atif has chosen such a well-written script for his TV debut. I guess all the good lines are given to Hilmand. Either that, or he is delivering the lines in such a way that it leaves more impact. Whether its his conversation with Sabz Ali, or his interference in the jirga’s proceeding’s, and that triumphant look on his face once the jirga forgives Sabz Ali’s ghaq.


Noman Aijaz looks different, and he has adopted a different accent. Everyone has, so it’s good to see. I would go so far as to say that Hania is showing her talent in this drama, so she doesn’t put any effort in Mere Humsafar. That drama is so bleh…


Does gadha really see satan?


How did y’all like this episode. I wished it wouldn’t end. I wish Atif would remain on screen forever. Uff, what a personality he has.

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Shabana Mukhtar


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