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Sang-e-Maah Episode 21 Recap

Haji Marjaan has almost given up, or so it seems. The jirga is all set to meet, and Hilmand is hopeful to get the justice that he has been pursuing and longing for, for a long time. See what I did there? I’m such a wordsmith.

Sang-e-Maah Episode 22 Written Update and Review

The jirga begins

This episode starts with preparations of jirga. Hilmand reads the translation for Juz 4, Ayat 135 to Shah Sahab. Shah Sahab tells Hilmand to choose relationships over justice. But, we all know Hilmand doesn’t listen to anyone.

Haji Marjaan is getting ready for the jirga. This is when Awwal Khan confesses to Haji Marjaan that he knew who really stabbed Hilmand. He also has a reason, a legit reason. Haji Marjaan isn’t mad at his oldest accomplice.

“You haven’t done anything wrong. You lied to save someone else; you are the bigger man,” Haji Marjaan says.

Very emotional scene! And beautifully shot. I like that Awwal Khan’s character is so perfectly defined.




Some apologies and some secrets

Haji Marjaan meets Zargoona to apologize to her. He also tells her that Awwal Khan may not have valued her when they were married, but he is still a nice man.

“Asadullah Khan was a good man. I will tell him that when I meet him,” Haji Marjaan tells Zargoona.  

And then Awwal Khan also says only two sentences, and that tells us so much about Zargoona and Awwal Khan’s relationship. This story is so beautiful, yaar.

Mastan Singh is getting ready for his wedding.  We see a little bit of comedy as Badam Gul congratulates Mastan Singh on his wedding. And Mastan Singh goes to attend the jirga instead of attending his wedding.



Jirga begins

Zarsanga wakes up quite late (thanks to the heavy dose of opium that Haji Marjaan).

And, the jirga starts. This is supposed to be about Hikmat’s attack on Hilmand. Zar Bibi, Sabz Ali’s mother demands that Hilmand’s ghag should also face a jirga. She has a drama planned to burn herself. I like how Hilmand dealt with her.

Everyone assumes that now Hilmand would bring up his attacker, but Hilmand very generously forgives whoever has attacked on him. Remember this, aage exam mein aayega.

Hilmand has some theaterics before he reveals what he has on his mind. And then, finally, Hilmand drops the bomb.

“Haji Marjaan killed my father with Guru Bakhsh’s poison,” Hilmand says. “I heard their talk, and Mastan Singh also knows this.”

Now, the onus is on Mastan Singh.




Mastan Singh’s gawahi

All eyes are on Mastan Singh, and Hilmand awaits the gawahi with batted breath.

“My father told me that I should marry Harshali, and that’s all he said,” Mastan Singh says.

This isn’t all. He also adds something.

“And I was the one who stabbed Hilmand because he did ghag on my daughter.”

Oh, come on, we all saw this coming.

Everyone is shocked, so shocked, but the real shock is for Hilmand.

But the real twist comes from Shah Sahab (there was a reason he was brought into this jirga).

“Hilmand has forgiven Mastan Singh already,” Shah Sahab reminds all.

O teri!

Hilmand must not have thought of this, haha.



The episode ends as Zardanga readies to join the jirga. I can’t wait for the next episode. This was so so good.


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Shabana Mukhtar