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Sang-e-Maah Episode 25 Written Update and Review

So, the jirga is on.
Zargoona talks to Zarsanga to know every smallest detail about Nasrullah’s murder.
“Tell me everything, only then I will be able to fight for you.” She promises Zarsanga.
The content smile on Zarsanga’s face… priceless… 
Sheherzade vows to help Haji and Zarsanga for their upcoming jirga. The conversation between this father-daughter (father-daughter-in-law, hehe) is always so sweet. It helps that Noman Ejaz and Kubra Khan are both super-talented.
She meets Gul Meena and asks her to voice her hatred against the whole “ghag” culture. 
Sheherzade: kya tum mera sath do gi? Tum khala se ijazat lo gi?
Gul Meena: Jung pe jane ke liye 
So, the two head to talk to Zargoona.
Zargoona isn’t too happy about Gul Meena’s decision. The smile on her face is priceless when she gives Gul Meena her blessings.
“Na maine zulm saha hai, na tumhein aisi tarbiyat di hai. Agar di hoti toh tum yahan baith kar mujh se baatein na kar rahi hoti,” Zargoona tells Gul Meena.
Very beautiful and powerful scene.
This duo of Sheherzade and Zarsanga then go to ask the all the ghag-ed girls to support them. While the father of these girls isn’t happy, the girls finally have the courage to talk about their right. The scene was convenient, as Gul Meena and Sheherzade face no opposition in forming their army.
Another small yet powerful scene was when Gul Meena visits Mastan Singh, and how the two get extremely emotional.
Mastan Singh: Harshali, jaldi bahar aao… beti aayi hai.
So touchy. I didn’t cry on this scene, not at all.
While Hilmand is still in his dilemma, Haji is clear in his head regarding his next plan of action. He deems Hikmat worthy of continuing his designation in jirga. A very moving scene between real-life and reel-life father-son duo.


The thing that I like the best is that Hilmand is back to his rhyming ways which he did when we first met him in episode 1. Even in episode 24, he mostly talked in rhymes, but this episode was all so poetic as he expressed his thoughts in rhymes. And, it was so painful to watch Hilmand suffer as he deals with his dilemma.


This was another power-packed story-backed episode that I thoroughly enjoyed even though I was tired to my bones and my eyes were shutting on its own. This episode was so so good.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I was expecting a finale announcement for a couple of weeks but I also didn’t know it was second last. So, I guess i will have to discard two posts (I had anticipated 28). This is a logical point to end the story. SEM is great storywise. No scene seems out of place.

    As for Dobara, it was such a haphazard story that dragged forever. I have a long rant in mind regarding Dobara but I’m not getting time to draft a post about it.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    Great recap and a great episode!
    Zarsangha is just the most annoying character and lowkey a bad mom; at least to hilmand. I assume maybe she feels bc he was a child from a ghag that she feels no emotional attachment but since episode one shes really seemed to not give a hoot about her poor older kid. Then has the audacity to say if I knew he felt this way id smooth things over- she literally never made any effort to connect with him. Poor hilmand is so lost now with noone seeming to show any care for him aside from shehrezade. Next weeks promo looks so sad.
    I guess I was the only one that didnt know this was the 2nd to last episode and next sunday is the finale? I mean the story ran its course and I appreciate it ending without dragging but I am surprised its ending without any big fanfare (unlike dobara that never seemed to end)

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