Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 4


Hikmat runs into a man who has brought Gulmeena’s proposal. 
He loses his calm. The way he breaks down is one of the best scenes of this drama so far.
I like how Gulmeena handles Hikmat. But she does say something that enrages him instead of calming him. He decides to do ghaq, but Zarsanga locks him in a room.
Marjaan learns that Hilmand has met with Guru Bakhsh. It scares him, so much that he goes and talks to Zargoona. Their conversation is so riveting. It seems like Marjaan has killed Nasrullah and Asadullah, both. Or at least he has something to do with these two deaths.
“Allah ne kachhi khabron aur pakki khbaron se mana kiya hai,” Hilmand says when he heard a half-baked news from his friend.
We also learn a little about the village as Sheherzade drives to Laspiran. She runs into Hilmand. Great first impressions.
Jab tak apni story mein apni tasveer nahin lagaogi, isi tarah dusron ke peechhe bhagti rahogi?
So, finally Sheherzaad meets Marjaan. As luck will have it, ghaq happens right when she’s talking to Marjaan Khan. With the first scene of this episode talking about Hikmat’s ghaq for Gulmeena, we all think he has taken the last step.
Nope, he hasn’t. 
“Shaadi Allah ka Hukm hai aur Nabi ki sunnat aur hamara farz,” Hilmand tells Marjaan.
“Ankh ka pani marta nahin, khushk hota hai. Dimagh kharab nahin hote, ulat jate hain.”
Sabz Ali’s mother celebrates the ghaq. I loved this small side-track. Even though Sabz Ali was at the wrong, his mother still hasn’t forgotten the punishment that he has suffered. So the stories aren’t centred around the two estranged sisters and their families. We also know a little about other people of the village. Superb storytelling… 


I had to watch this episode twice to review it. What an episode it was!
It is hard to say who is the best performer of this drama. I think the credit goes to strong script and a fine director because even Hania gives a fine performance. Look at her in Mere Humsafar. The two performances are worlds apart. 

I have said this before and I say this again–this drama is so well written. The dialogues are so poetic at times that I want to jot down all of them.

This is also very well shot. The scenes are shot outside which could be tricky but the sunlight enhances the viewing experience.


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Shabana Mukhtar