Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 1

Why is Sinf e Aahan one of the most awaited dramas? Well, I can’t say about others, but I have my reasons.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the first episode of Sinf-e-Aahan. Until their worlds converge, I will discuss each protagonist separately.

1. Rabia Safeer

Sinf e Aahan opens in Islamabad, and we see Rabia readying to meet a family, her prospective in-laws. the groom-to-be has been living in the US for past 8 years. He’s a green card golder, and expects to get a nationality soon. He wants a modern girl who has hobbies and ambitions. And, how do I know that? The mother spells it out for us. Dialogue based exposition, not bad.

Rabia is electrical engineer but in the two years she has met several families to settle down. Her parents wouldn’t let her study further or get a job. To say that she isn’t happy with her fate would be an understatement. She is the topper of her batch. While others are pursuing higher education within and outside of Pakistan, she is forced into settling down.

Mere duniya fateh kar rahe hain, aur main

Rabia’s older brother Daniyal is an army officer. He is coming home to see his family, and we see Rabia lighting up the candles to welcome her brother.

Sajal Ali is as lovely as ever as Rabia. Although her styling etc remind me of Shanaya from Ishq-e-Laa, I’m sure that the character are very different. At least I hope they are. Ghazala Kaifi as a slightly condescending mother has played her part well. Oh, and she reminds me of Zehreeli chachi from Qissa Mehrbano Ka .

2 Mahjabeen Mastan

Still in Islamabad, we meet a social media afficianado Mahjabeen Mastan who is leading a superficial life. She has a lavish house. I mean, literally. I wished I could just get a tour of her house. Her makeup, her styling, her outfits, everything shouts two things – she loves herself, and she is filthy rich.

Mahjabeen comes across as a self-aware person. She has a boyfriend, and she knows his likes and dislikes too well. Even though the said boyfriend (played by Ali Rehman, I didn’t catch the character name yet) is not entirely thrilled that Mahjabeen knows him so well. Mahjabeen is very casual and calm about it. She knew what Ali would order, and she did.

All is not well in her life, though. Her father Mr Mastan (Usman Peerzada) cheater on his wife (Saba Hameed). The dup keep fighting, even throw things at each other. Mahjabeen ignores them for her own peace of mind, but we can tell that these disputes do affect her. We also learn that her parents don’t let her live the life she wants. She is currently a corporate lawyer, but she always wanted to be a criminal lawyer.

One fine day, she She aspires to be like Sergeon General Nigar. Mother tells her she can’t be like Nigar. Her mothers scoffs at the announcement, even challenges her.

Challenge accepted-Mahjabeen is ready to become part of ISSB.

Kubra Khan looks the part. Fabulous, in short.

3 Periwesh Jamal

The scene then changes to Balochistan where Pariwesh is practicing how to shoot. Sardar owns their lands, which forces her family to struggle to earn their bread and butter. Innocently, she offers to talk to Sardar herself; an offer that her doting father refutes.

Later, we learn that the Sardar is willing to give it back if Periwesh married his servant. Will Periwesh and her father Jamal bow down to the pressure? We will know in the next episode.

I can’t say much about Ramsha’s performance right now. Her bossy avatar from Ghisi Piti Mohabbat and her annoying Bakht from Shehnai are still fresh in my mind. I need time to unlearn and see Ramsha in a new light as Periwesh.

4 Shaista Khanzaada

Next in line is Shaista. We see her sketching a uniformed female officer. When her sister comes to inform her about her fiance Kaamil’s arrival, she doesn’t give a damn. Her grandmother has the typical patriarchal thoughts, and Shaista is quite the rebel. She is helping her cousin Wali Mohammad for entry test for Pak army, and she thinks that she has better chances of clearing the exams.

And that thought doesn’t leave her. She is determined to appear for the entry tests, and asks her sister to convince her mother for the same. The sister does the job, but she also promises that Shaista is ready to get engaged to Kaamil. It isn’t a big price to pay, because Shaista will be selected for sure.

Yumna is as effortless as ever. She comes across as a fierce person. I hope to see more of her ferocity in the coming episodes.

5. Arzoo Daniel

We see her family singing a song. She aspired to be the next Noor Jahan. While she is walking back home, we see a few guys teasing her but she doesn’t respond. She is either used to it, or she is too weak to react, or she is too strong and will fight some day. Which of these options meets the truth, we will see in the next episodes. I’m hoping it’s the third option.

She arrives home and learns that the landlord has asked to vacate the house. She needs to do something to fix the situation.

And she does.

She meets her boyfriend and seeks help to sort out the situation. Because Naurez, her bae is the landlord’s son. Now, that’s something.

Naurez and Arzoo have a twisted relationship.

He let’s her choose

“You can choose someone else if you want. I can’t marry you or commit to you,” Naurez says.

Matlab? He is only dating her, he has no intentions of marrying her. Aise bhi hota hai Pakistan mein? Very interesting!

She had gotten the selection letter from ISSB, and she would be working as an English teacher. Naurez doesn’t like this news for apparent reasons.


Why is it not a web series?

Overall, this episode was a fantastic exposition and a brilliant start of a journey.

All five characters are demoralized for their aspirations to join army. They all face some sort of opposition from their families. The first episode has intrigued me enough. I want to see how they overcome the opposition, how they fair at the entry test, and I want to know more about them. I simply loved this episode.

This should have been a webseries we could have binged it. If not a web series, I wouldn’t mind a weekly episode as long as they maintain the pace, as long as they don’t let it drag in the middle.

What do others feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar