Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 10

A little recap of episode 9 of Sinf-e-Aahan

The training has started.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 10 written update and review

The episode begins as several LCs are absent. Mahajabeen has rattofied nation and we sal anthem, but the officers now ask for the meaning of it. I know Urdu, and even I might struggle to explain it well. I’m not Pakistani, but still… Urdu is my mother-tongue. I have a bone to pick with this scene. Shahryar ne bhi toh translate hi kiya thha, bas thoda elaborated thha. Anyways… This drama is almost perfect. Kahin to burai ki jaye.

We see a montage where the training is happening, and we see the proud families of the LCs (PMA LC=Pakistan Military Academy LAdy Cadet). While the parents are going gaga about their strong daughters, whilst those daughters are struggling with the physical training.

This episode also shows us a bit more about Kiran. She runs into an old acquaintance Sumaiya, who still expects her to be married to someone else I guess. But that someone looks an awful lot like Shahryar. In some frames, he looks very different. I don’t know. Was Kiran married to someone else? What is she hiding from Sumaiya?

Oh, Major Sania looks good in the ethnic wear 🙂


Did you see Ahsun Talish? What’s his role?


More drama, more fun, more emotion.

What do others feel about this episode?

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