Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 13

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 13 written update and review

So, they had their march and salute. Some fail, some pass. Mahjabeen is one of those people who fail. Now she has to stay back until she clears the test.


And guess who else is staying back? Rabia. She is staying back to take Nathami with her. She is such a good host for her Sri Lankan friend.


Does this mean that Mahjabeen and Rabia would patch up? I sure hope so.


Periwesh and Jamal run into Sardar who offers them a lift. Periwesh takes this as a good sign and dares to talk to Sardar about their piece of land that is loaned.


Zameen mere baba ki aulad hai. Aulad kisi aur ke paas ho toh bahot takleef hoti hai.


Sardar was initially very kind but then he doesn’t respond to Periwesh’s request to return the land. Periwesh is still very positive that things would be alright.


Romance is back. Kaamil comes to take Shaista home. Their little conversation is so cute. But I hadn’t expected Shaista to still call off the engagement. Doesn’t she see how nice Kaamil is?


Remember the first episode that introduces Arzoo? A couple of guys teased Arzoo who ignored them. I had wondered that this has to do with the plot. Now we know. Arzoo is back home and the same thing happens again. But this time, Arzoo is ready to protect herself. I liked the scene, but it was too short. I guess they didn’t want to show much violence on screen but it would have been so much more satisfying if the “kut lagana” was prolonged.


This scene also shows the pathetic mindset of sadak chhap boys in India and Pakistan. It is so easy for boys to just bump into girls casually without thinking that it is scarring the girls for live.


The episode ends as Rabia brings Nathami home with her. I just hope that Nathami amd Daniyal aren’t shipped. I just hope.

What do others feel about this episode?

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Shabana Mukhtar