Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 15

A little recap of episode 14 of Sinf-e-Aahan

All the girls have come home, including Mahjabeen. It’s time to see some family time.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 15 written update and review

This episode shows Mahjabeen spending some quality time with her parents, even surprising them with her discipline, her changed habits, and her calm demeanor. Looking at her past tantrums, she really has changed a lot.

This episode also shows us what had happened between Mahjabeen and Rabia.

Nice acting by both Kubra and Asim.


Arzoo is determined to live a free life now, a life free of anybody’s interference. I love that she doesn’t want to be a trophy for Naurez anymore.


Shaista still doesn’t want to marry Kumail, which kinda sorta breaks my heart. Junaid Jamshed looks so good, and Kumail is such a nice person. I am too excited to see their love story.


Periwesh is leaving the house to go back to PMA. Sardar has sent a car to take Periwesh to PMA, but she refuses. Nicely written lines by Ramsha Khan, and her delivery also surprised me (for a change). What’s more surprising is that Sardar doesn’t mind this. I guess Sardar is not as evil as I had initially thought.


We see the ever so lovely Shameem Hilali as Taimoor’s mother.  Osama has married his friend and colleague Taimoor’s wife Kiran, we all know that. But he doesn’t push Kiran to adjust to the new life; that’s a surprise.


Through Nathami, we see the real beauty of Pakistan. She has settled well with Rabia’s family. I was hoping to see Daniyal but we don’t. I’m surprised, and also a bit disappointed.


What do others feel about this episode?

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