Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 3

I’m back with the review of latest episode Sinf e Aahan. Episode 3 released on December 11, 2021.

Sinf e Aahan is a story of six female characters. We have only met five of them so far, and they have independent tracks. With this episode, their worlds converge at ISSB. From now on, I will discuss them together, until their personal tracks have something significant happening. Alright, let’s get to it.

A little recap

All five girls – Rabia, Mahjabeen, Arzoo, Periwesh and Shaista are all set to appear for ISSB exams. Kamil arrives at Shaista’s house to take her to ISSB.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 3 written update and review

The d-day

Shaista and Kamil are on the way to Gujranwala for ISSB. Shaista is quite an item, and we can sense that Kamil is going to be the perfect match for Shaista’s temper. They make for a cute couple, maa sadqey…

Mahjabeen is late for Gujranwala. She is still asleep when Kumail (Ali Rehman’s character) comes to pick her up. No, wait… that doesn’t show that Mahjabeen is irresponsible. The fact that she still hasn’t packed, that does. So far, I agree with Mr & Mrs Mastan. Mahjabeen doesn’t have what it takes to be an army officer. I’d be delighted to see how she proves me wrong.

Next, we see Daniyal driving Rabia to drop at Gujranwala. Rabia being the topper that she is, wants to ace at the entrance test, while Daniyal suggests that she should only focus on passing the test.

“I aim to be the first in whatever I do,” Rabia says.

Yeah… That’s not the best mindset to have when you enter your professonal life, personal experience. The urge to be the best and be at the top often takes away the fun of the new phase of life… Anyway… I’m not writing memoir here… ahem…

So… Where was I?

Right, ISSB…

Daniel and Jamal have come to see off Arzoo and Periwesh respectively.  We see Arzoo and Periwesh board the bus as Asim croons the energetic patriotic song.

Hum apne geet likhenge

Hum apni reet likhenge…

The way Daniel and Jamal walk away from the bus somehow made me teary-eyed. I could be hyper-emotional, or this is one beautifully shot scene. I’m pretty it’s the latter.

Their worlds converge

So, we are at ISSB center now. Shaista and Mahjabeen sit next to each other while Periwesh bumps into Rabia. Aarzoo sits next to a girl named Saeeda Sidra. While the three pairs get to talking, we learn that the two Islamabad girls, Rabia and Majabeen have old connections. Apparently they don’t get along well…

“I was only interested in joining the army, now it’s war,” Mahjabeen says through gritted teeth.


Hmmm… Old rivalry… It isn’t anything special… Rabia wanted Daniyal to marry Mahjabeen but Mahjabeen liked Kumail. I don’t think it’s a valid reason… Or maybe this is only part of the reason. We will know more details later… They won’t reveal the whole story at once, would they? Aisa kaise drama chalega?

Sidra is quite a character, by the way. She believes in totka and taweez more than hard word. Interesting… And hopefully this will be another subplot to add comic relief.

At ISSB, let the fun begin

Many girls are given beds in a single dorm. Everyone is mentally ready for this shared accomodation, except… Yeah… You guessed it right… Mahjabeen…

Each of the pair is forming a strong bond as time passes. When Rabia and Mahjabeen are exchanging heated glances at dinner, Shaista vows to be with Mahjabeen. Ah, such loyalty… This isn’t one sided. Our dear Shaista also loses 15000 rupees, and she doesn’t have shoes. Mahjabeen loans her a pair. I didn’t expect Mahjabeen to be so generous. And, I hope that Shaista does get her money back. There is one candidate who commented on it by saying:

“You shouldn’t have brought more than 5000 as the authorities had suggested.”

Is ne hi paise churaye hain kya?

Interestingly, out of the five leads, it’s only Shaista who has not told her family. Her father, mother and grandmother still don’t know of her whereabouts. They keep asking about her. Gul (Meerab Ali) is holding the fort so far. How long will she hide the truth?

The episode ends as the girls line up for physical test. Rabia (ID#2) clears the race in under three minutes while Mahjabeen (ID #9) and Periwesh (ID #6) go over time. Does this mark the end of their journey or do they get another chance. i think they do, because Rabia says so. I don’t understand the process but it was so exciting to see them do the jumping and running and all…


This episode was so interesting… I didn’t even want to take notes. I still stand by my earlier comment. If this was a web-series, it would have been a thing already. I’m not saying that the drama isn’t popular. It’s just that seeing the whole series at once would have been quite an experience.

All five of these talented women have done well… But Yumna has an edge. For once, Shaista’s character is the funniest. The way she eats her meal is so real. She is so uninhibited and unhinged when it comes to acting.

Off to review Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thhay’s next episode.

Tere Bin…

Tere binn…

Terey binnn…

Tereeyyyyyy binnnnnnnnnnnn…

Shabana Mukhtar