Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 20

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 20th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

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The episode begins as Sa’ad flirts with Dua. He recites a poem for her. I like the poem but somehow Ahad’s recitation isn’t as impressive.

Faraz challenges Sa’ad for a firing competition and wins it. In your face, huh, Sa’ad.

Sa’ad is promoted to captain, making Faraz proud.

Sa’ad is off to a battlefield North Waziristan and it upsets his mother and viewers alike. Is there going to be a bad news?

Superb acting by Vaneeza Ahmed.

Dua is petrified and in turn we feel the fear as well.


Malak Allah Yaar visits unannounced. Shahzain cleans his forehead After Malak Allah Yaar kisses his forehead. Rani doesn’t fail to notice this, nor does Malak Allah Yaar. They both notice that Shahzain is a changed man now.

What’s with the purple shoes with white dress?


Shahryar is struggling to get a job. His parents are just as content and supportive. He has gotten a good position in his CSS exam (among top ten) and he gets assistant commissioner’s job. His parents are immensely proud. Sadly, Shahzain takes credit for his job. Look at Shahryar’s reaction.

Sharique is all gaga singing praises for Shahzain, since he has recovered his job. Shahryar is right in sensing the negative vibes from Shahzain.

Shahryar is now at CSA getting trained. His parents expect him to get a bungalow and car, as soon as possible, only for him, though. They are content wherever they are.

Shahryar finds out that Masooma has refused to marry anyone. He calls her but she doesn’t pick his phone. I hope she understands that he has changed now.


Haji Sharique, a corrupt businessman wants Sharique to interview him so he could clear his dirty image. Sharique adamantly refuses to conduct the interview and resigns immediately. I like his confidence.

He does get a job of his choice where he could work as per his free will. His boss is the same man who was child specialist in Islamabad who treated Rehab in Qismat.

Parting Thoughts

The episode ends on a saddening note on all tracks. The next episode is going to make us all cry, I am sure.

What do you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar