Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9: Exciting times for SSG

I am back with my review of 9th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. This episode shows all four members of SSG and things are happening quickly. This episode was more exciting than the previous ones. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and previous episodes.

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The episode begins as Shahryar arrives at Shahzain’s dera.

Shahzain (the egoist) and Shahryar (the good samaritan)

Malak Allah Yaar is getting his hair cut and the barber is buttering him, and he suggests that Malak Sahab gets his hair coloured. Malak catches his bluff and dismisses him.

Shahryar arrives there. Shahzain is out for hunting. Malak Sahab gives Shahryar company until Shahzain comes back.

In privacy, Shahryar tries to talk some sense into Shahzain regarding his proposal for Dua, but he is adamant. BIG EGO! Ahmad Ali Akbar shines in this scene.

Shahryar is doing all this to save their friendship. Shahzain eventually understands and is willing to talk to Saad. Shahryar to calls Saad hoping for amends but Saad doesn’t pick up his phone (He is in PMA already).

Shahzain tells Shahryar about Rani and they plan to meet some time soon – all four of them. Ain’t gonna happen, cuz Saad will still hate you. Just saying!

Shahryar comes home to see Masooma wait for her and she also keeps food for him.IMG_20191118_082811

Sharique – the ambitious journalist in the making

Sharique meets Rimsha and shows her the video. They both try to manipulate each other for their benefit but Sharique gets the upper hand.Rimsha’s editor, Babu Ashraf, sees the video and is seemingly impressed by him. He offers Sharique a job but at the same time he deletes the video. Instead of making the video live, he promises to make a case again Pehelwan. It is fair to conclude that he is an accomplice with Pehelwan.


Rimsha and Sharique are enjoying the coffee and conversation as the Pehelwan arrives at the office. When Rimsha asks Sharique to make a backup, he finds out that the video is deleted.

Pehelwan meets the police, the doctor and the journalist three people who are capable of turning around the case. The police will make a weak case, the doctor promised to give a false report and the editor promises to cover it nicely on his channel. Just to close the whole incident, the police officer and Babu Ashraf play with Sharique in a fake discussion.Is Sharique so dumb that he doesn’t know who did it? That’s how it seems, but when Sharique walks out, we know that he knows the truth. He has hopes from postmortem. Little does he know that the doctor is also sold. To make matters worse, the same corrupt doctor is Sharique’s sister’s colleague (boyfriend / suitor)



Saad – the romantic hero


On his way to PMA, Saad calls Dua from a PCO. She is studying with her friends. To evade any suspicions from her friends, she addresses him Ammi and he calls her Saleem Uncle. They chat briefly, constantly aware of the eavesdroppers around them. As it turns out, the PCO man cannot hear. Haha! Nice end for the scene.

Saad arrives at PMA to meet a sulky Gulzar Hussain. They bicker like friends and Saad promises to help him learn the march. But the flashback tells us how Gulzar passed his test, impressed by their boss’s back story.

On the trek, Gulzar complains that Saad isn’t talking much and Gulzar talks incessantly as he suspects that something is bothering Saad. Referring to something that he grandfather says, he jokes about them.

نانا کے بارے میں نانی کے اچھے خیالات نہیں تھے۔ تیرے کیسے ہوں گے؟

Saad blackmails him by just mentioning about “Bhabhi”.

Saad calls Dua, they bicker like old lovers. Once he hangs up, he is caught by his fellow GCs who tease him. Apparently, Gulzar is quite a broadcaster and everyone knows. But, wait, there’s more. An officer overhears the conversation. Another punishment is looming above them. Haha!



Rani insists her mother to invite them over for dinner but her mother is reluctant. Her father, Chaudhary, however, agrees to the plan. I am hoping some interesting scenes between her and Shahzain. Can’t wait.



What a terrific episode it was! Every track progressed well and kept me excited throughout.Dua and Saad’s romance is in full swing. FULL SWING. Their banter is sweet. But I don’t like Alizeh Shah. She acts well, but I don’t know why… It is like she doesn’t fit in.Also, on surface, Shahzain has left their differences behind and is willing to meet Saad, like good old times. Ain’t gonna happen, cuz Saad will still hate you. Just saying!It is Sharique I am worried about the most, though. The man has his life on high risk.


Every actor is doing justice to their role, but Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) and Gulzar Hussain are the most entertaining and endearing characters. Both actors have excelled in their respective roles. 

Thankfully, this episode all four friends, again. I am reviewing 6 dramas at the moment but this is the one I really wait for. For Alif and Deewar-e-Shab, I pretty much know the story as both are based on novel. Yeh Dil Mera is not something I haven’t read before. Daasi is interesting if it wasn’t so slow. Mere Paas Tum Ho is also intriguing, comes second when it comes to waiting.

What do you feel about this episode?Shabana Mukhtar







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