Fairytale 2 | Cast & Characters

Fairytale 2 is a sequel to Fairy Tale, Ramzan 2023 drama on Hum TV, sequel nobody asked for. For my rant on the previous season, read this post: Sunday Screed | Fairytale Finale and Sequel

Writer: Sarah Majeed
Director: Ali Hassan

Cast & Characters

Most of the actors are reprising their roles. If there are new characters, they haven’t made appearance yet.

Hamza Sohail as Farjad Khan

28 years old, orphaned at 22 years and has been the responsible dude ever since.

Sehar Khan as Ummeed Pasha

The heroine (rolling my eyes). Loud, annoying and impetus.

Ali Safina as Asadullah Khan aka AK

A gameshow host, mimics, hams, but isn’t fit for the job. Love his character…

Saleem Sheikh as Kamal Pasha

Ummeed’s father

Adnan Raza Mir as Sameer

Ummeed’s brother, forced to study medical but wants to pursue

Aena Khan as Haya Pasha

Ummed’s good natured cousin.

Salma Hassan as Zeenat Pasha

Mrs Hilal Pasha, Haya’s mother, Ummeed’s aunt, but doesn’t like her. I have an idea why she hates Ummeed… Because Ummeed is annoying.

Tehseen Wajahat as Hilal Pasha

Kamal’s Younger brother, Haya’s father. In previous episode, I always heard his name as “Talal”. Hehe.

Hina Rizvi as Dadi Pasha

The matriarch of Pasha family, forgets things

Saman Ansari as Mrs Khan

Farjad’s mother.

Maryam aka Mimi

Farjad’s sister, Ummeed’s friend

Miss Mahek

Farjad’s assistant; she has eyes for her boss


Ummeed’s colleague


I will add more as the drama airs and I learn more about the cast.

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Shabana Mukhtar