Heer Da Hero | Cast & Characters

Heer Da Heero is an Ramzan special drama on Geo TV. It’s a sit-com as usual.

Ramzan 1444/2023

Writer: Amar Khan

Director: Saima Waseem

Cast & Characters

Let’s meet the Butts

Butt family is also a political family and their election symbol is Hathoda. I think even the current generation would know what a hathoda is-it’s a hammer .

Imran Ashraf as Hero Butt

The angry young man. His leather jacket with tassels and his hairstyle etc reminded me of Amitabh Bachchan’s character in Bollywood movie Shahenshah.

Waseem Abbas as Arshad Butt

Hero’s father. He once lost an election and hasn’t recovered from the loss yet.


Munazza Arif as Hero’s mother

Let’s meet the Jutts

Jutt family is a political family and their election symbol is Batta, as in sil-batta. Desi people who are old enough will know what it is. It was a thing used to grind spices before mixer grinder .

Amar Khan as Heer Jutt

A Tiktoker


Heer’s brother who shoots the tiktoke videos

Kinza Malik as Marina Jutt

Kashif Mehmood as Hameed Jutt s/o Anayat Jutt

Heer’s father, a politician



Heer’s beau


Hameeds right-hand man

I will add more characters as the epidoes go on.


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Shabana Mukhtar