Ishqiya | Episode 1

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise.


Hamza and Hamna play basketball and Hamza is head over heels with Hamna, to the point that he hands over the ball to her everytime she stands in front of him. If I had someone this kind, I would have played sports as well. I mean, the thought of losing was just as scary as the fear of falling down. I am very un-atheltic, have always been.

Hamna’s younger sister Rumi plans for their parents’ anniversary. During the celebration dinner, their father casually mentions how he disapproves of love marriage. It worries Hamna. Because… y’know… Hamza… Hamza is also at the same restaurant, by the way.

He isn’t just sharp with words, he is also a genius. Despite coming late to class, he solves the problem. And, he also seems to have anger issues, much like real life, if I might add.

That’s the good part. The bad part is that he beats the shit out of a classmate who stupidly puts his arm on Hamna’s shoulder. He’s subsequently suspended from the college for one week.

Nice dialogue about dua: “Maangne wale ki niyyat nahin dekhi jati… jis ke liye mangi jaye, kya woh deserve karta hai.

Rumi is bindaas, witty and blabbers relentlessly. I like her.

Siddiqui Sahab’s old friend is visiting, hopefully to ask for one of the girls. Who would it be? Hamna, of course. How would the drama be dramatic?

Parting Thoughts

I am excited to see Gauhar Rasheed and Hania Amir. I like them both. Rimsha is fine but Feroz Khan isn’t really someone I can watch for long.

Question: Does he always have to be the angry young man? Does he have to show his physique in all his dramas?

But I will give it a shot. At least for a couple more episodes.

Shabana Mukhtar