Ishqiya | Episode 12

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.


Hamza comes to his room and Rumi has already changed into her nightdress. He’s being the angry young man but it doesn’t work for Rumi. She bosses him around and he literally dances to her tunes. I loved Rumi in this scene. And, she looks so pretty, prettier than she did in her wedding dress.

The morning after – Hamna’s new family (minus her father-in-law) is obsessed about timing of nashta rasm;  while Rumi’s family is so freaking understanding. 

Both sisters are now back at their maika. Rumi is  being dramatic as usual, and Hamna is unnecessarily scared of Hamza. She picks up his calls, listens to his voice messages and nobody listens to it. How? 

Again, what’s with the music? Every time Hamza is on screen, my ears start to bleed. 

I stand corrected. It isn’t only Hamna and Rumi who would face tough times. Right now, Hamza is jhelo-ing Rumi and her ramblings.

Alishba tries to throw taunts at Rumi but Rumi celebrates that she has someone to fight with. Bravo girl!

Overall this was a fun episode, if it wasn’t for the music. Hath haula rakhen, yaar.

That’s the commentary. Off I go.

Shabana Mukhtar