Ishqiya | Episode 18

Time to review the latest episode of Ishqiya – episode 18 that aired on June 1, 2020. (And the last one I am reviewing.)

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.



Hamza and Hamna talk over phone, in the middle of the night and the loud music deafens the viewers.

Alishba calls for truce, because she sees what Rumi is yet to notice. I don’t like the sudden change alishba’s character is given. But hey, who am I to object?

And now they are leaving for their “joint” honeymoon. Allah khair kare. Azeem uncle fully suspects Hamna now. He taunts her for her “her sada huwa munh” all the time. What does Hamna do? Just stand like a mannequin.

She tells Azeem, indirectly, that she’s with him and he should trust her. Hamza watches them walking hand in hand.

This episode bas nothing new to offer. Kiran keeps telling Hamna to reveal the truth, Hamna keeps showing her dumb expressions, Hamza keeps blackmailing Hamna and Azeem keeps suspecting Hamna. Argh!

There is a three minute long loud wailing at the end of this episode. That’s all the noise and crap I can handle. Stopping this drama, just like Thora Sa Haq.

I might not watch any ARY Digital drama in future.

Shabana Mukhtar