Ishqiya | Episode 9 | Hamna Declares War

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.



Hamza asks Azeem if he has ever loved.

Of course, he has, after marriage.
After more subtle taunts, Azeem gets uncomfortable and changes the subject – dresses for wedding. What fun!

Hamna tries to stay close to Azeem and Hamza keeps interfering them.

I like Hamza’s game though. He has befriended Azeem already so Azeem would never doubt him.

We can see Hamna getting more furious by the minute. I hope she gives up this meek and silently suffering and declares war, soon, SOON.

Zoya and Rumi are also shopping. Rumi doesn’t like anything. Incidentally, it is Saman’s store. Wow! Rumi can shop as much as she wants.

Zoya tries to instigate Saman by telling her partially true stories about Rumi. Saman doesn’t believe her. I hope she stays this way in future as well.

Kiran again talks some sense into Hamna’s head. She suggests Hamna to shed all fears and fight back. Golden words by a wise friend. I like Kiran.

Ek Alishba and ek Hamna, both are all-time crying characters and have a single expression throughout these 9 episodes. Annoying!

So, Alishba hasn’t given up yet. More drama to come, because there wasn’t enough drama already. Kaha bhagu?

Rumi dances on her mehendi function, itna ki ghungroo toot gaye.

Throughout the function, Hamna and Hamza keep staring at each other. Why doesn’t anybody notice it, is beyond me. Then, they also talk, like this, like enemies. Baqi log kidhar hain?

“غیروں سے مقابلہ کیا جاتا ہے۔”

Glad that you decided that, Hamna. And, that you smiled in this episode.

Rumi is upset with Hamna that she doesn’t help her get Hamza’s number, or create situations for them to talk.

Hamza brings Saman’s baked cake for Rumi. Siddiqui Sahab offers tea and he offers that he will make it.

Dude doesn’t know how to make tea. He calls Zoya, then Sharique. And, he fills a big pot of water. Siddiqui Sahab teaches him how to make tea. It is awful. This is the first full-fledged comedy scene in 9 episode. I am sooo glad.

But it is immediately followed by a sad scene. Siddiqui Sahab’s blood pressure increases. Before Hamza could do anything, Siddiqui Sahab is gone.

I think he is, not sure. Next episode will confirm this.

How did you like this episode? I liked it best. Some comedy, some savage replies and very little music.

Shabana Mukhtar