Kashf | Cast & Characters

Kashf is the 2020 Hum TV romantic drama with a touch of spirituality.

I am least bit interested in reviewing this drama. I did not like the trailer. The premise feels boring, too. But, my sister wants me to review this, so here goes.

Let’s begin with the cast.


Writer: Imran Nazeer

Director: Danish Nawaz

Production: Momina Duraid

Cast & Characters

Kashf & Family

Hira Mani as Kashf Bint-e-Imtiaz

Our protagonist, a simpleton who gives tutions to kids to earn tiny amount to support her family. Her dreams become reality and it bothers her and her family.

Waseem Abbas as Imtiaz

Kashf’s father. He is a good-for-nothing husband, greedy, doesn’t work much and gambles.

Munazzah Arif as Mrs Dilshad Imtiaz

Kashf’s mother. She struggles to run the house in the meager income. She is a constant target of taunts by Imtiaz and her mother-in-law.

Samina Ahmad as Amma

Kashf’s grandmother. She is the most unreliable person ever. She isn’t happy with Dilshad for giving birth to three daughters. She isn’t happy with Imtiaz because he doesn’t earn much. She isn’t happy with Fayyaz because his wife is arrogant. This woman has a problem.

Hajra Khan as Aashi

Kashf’s divorced phupho. She is a teacher and her salary is a big respite in this big family with otherwise no income. She is the epitome of positivity and Kashf’s biggest support.

Sabeena Farooq as Zoya Imtiaz

Kashf’s younger sister. She crushes on Wajdan, even flirts with him. She mocks Kashf’s dreams the most. It will be interesting to see her in a negative role, especially after her cute portrayal in Suno Chanda.

Taniya Hussain as Iram Imtiaz

Kashf’s sister. She is bubbly, but she also has the sibling affection for ashf, unlike Zoya.

Wajdaan & Family

Junaid Khan as Wajdaan

The hero. Kashf’s cousin and fiance.

Lubna Aslam as Rasheda

Wajdaan’s arrogant mother of groom-to-be. She doesn’t like Kashf, or her family.

Shahryar Zaidi as Fayyaz

Wajdaan’s father. He is primarily in hibernate mode, giving Rasheda the upper hand.

Maryam Noor as Shumaila

Wajdan’s sister. She is about to get married. She’s also very close to Kashf. Heroine hai na Kashf!


Saleem Mairaj

Aashi’s ex-husband

Saji Uddin

Amir Qureshi

More to come, as I watch the episodes

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. But they do. I have observed two such cases personally

  2. Saleem says:

    Disappointing. The end is a damp squib. The story is far-fetched. It is difficult to believe anybody earning millions with such gimmicks.

  3. Good😊

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