Kuch Ankahi | Episode 1


Kuch Ankahi is a modern day and light-hearted drama that is full of messages. The drama discusses issues relating to women’s legal & religious right to property, harassment at workplace, pressurizing girls for marriage, etc.

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In Kuch Ankahi, we follow the family of Agha G and her three daughters Aliya, Tania, and Samia. His eldest daughter is Samia, while his youngest daughter is Tania. As a family caregiver, Aliya supports her father in handling his financial issues. In this dramatic story, you will find many twists and turns that will leave you amazed by what you are going to discover.

Writer: Mohammed Ahmed

Director: Nadeem Baig

Kuch Ankahi Episode 1  Written Update and Review 

We meet Salman and Aliya, both are realtors and often run into each other while vying for the same client. Moreover, Aliya’s car often fails and Salman almost always is around to fix it. I. In short, they share a love-hate relation; the love is more from Salman’s side because he’s kind and the hate is certainly from Aliya. She sounds ruthless and evil to me. Also, the way she talks to her clients, it sounds more like excuses.

Samia is waiting that Zareena agrees to marriage of Samia to Said Ur Rehman, Aliya is working on making a living on her own and Tania is busy giving a pep talk to Pinky and Samia.

Zareena is still making a lot of excuses for not fixing the wedding date. Tania tells Samia to call off the engagement. But we all know it ain’t gonna happen. Tired of these excuses, Shammo tells Zareena to do a nikaah before Saif Ur Rehman goes to Masqat. I don’t think that will happen, either.


Salman and Aliya try to get the same client Sehrish but Sehrish chooses Salman because he was the first one to contact Sehrish (and because he is the better realtor?)

Later, we see that Sehrish has complex relationship with her family. This family is loaded, has a lot of properties and it going to be the contesting point between the lead couple.

Now, we wait for the next episode.


I wasn’t too thrilled about this drama. If you have noticed, I’m trying to cut on my drama viewing time. Besides, the last few dramas on ARY have been all disasters except for Sinf e Aahan, perhaps. And, lately, seeing Sajal just annoys me; I don’t know why that is. Long story short, I had planned not to watch this drama.

But then…

Why not? 

Keeping my negative bias towards Sajal aside, the first episode was fine. I think this drama is trying to do too much (read the intro again), and it would most certainly fail. Let’s have low expectations so it doesn’t hurt when things aren’t right.

How did others find this episode? Good, bad or ugly?


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