Love Siyappa


Love Siyappa

An enticing love story starring #WahajAli and #HinaAltaf together in a telefilm #LoveSiyappa #harpalgeotv

A presentation of #7thskyentertainment produced by the dynamic duo of #abdullahkadwani and #asadaqureshi, written by #SaimaAkramChaudhary & directed by #SaimaWaseem

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Some Rant

I watched it in 2020 and this review was first drafed on August 1, 2020. I didn’t get to until today, because… Well… I have a million things on my mind; some slip off.

This week, as I was obsessing over Wahaj I realized that I have watched many of his work but never quiet impressed me as he does in Murtasim. So, I dug in, polished this post, and here it is–a review about 2.5 years later.

Without much further ado, let’s meet the cast and the characters.

Cast & Characters

Wahaj Ali as Shahabuddin aka Shobi

An aspiring actor who came from Nawab Shah… struggles to pay rent. He also doubles as Ahmad Kamal, Naina’s former love interest.

Raza Zaidi as Ghauri

Another aspiting actor, Shobi’s roommate

Hina Altaf as As Dua

A Psychology student who is quite psycho herself

Maria Wasti as Naina

Dua’s Nak-chadhii khala. She runs a gym and own a palatial house and has a sports car. She’s loaded.

Ali Abbas as Qadeer

Dua’s chachu. His swag, uff

Shabbir Jan as Buniyad Khan

Shobi’s former landlord


Sami Khan as Kuku Badshah

Naina’s help

Ali Rizvi


Plot Summary

Shobi and Ghauri are broke and can’t pay rent. They get out of it by faking a death in a family. Then, they another landlord, a rich woman who rents her annexe.

Shoaib learns about Ahmed Kamal, a man who Naina loved. Now, he poses as Ahmad Kamal Dilbar to stay in that annexe. And then we see three love stories.


The good

  1. Maria Wasti has lost oodles of weight and looks like a million bucks.
  2. Sami Khan, the golu molu bachha we first saw in Suno Chanda was so good.
  3. Wahaj Ali is handsome and charming as we know him to be. #MurtasimIsBest
  4. Ali Abbas entry was kickass but it was too short but he won the show. What a performer.

The not-so-good

  1. The story was okay, but the execution was jumpy. The scene jumps didn’t make any sense, none at all.
  2. The scene transitions from real to dream and back with no heads up.
  3. The hero, Shobi keeps gawking at Dua which is problematic.
  4. The wardrobe, especially for Hina Altaf was so bleh. Boyish jackets and ghaghra and glasses. She did not come as dorky if that was the attempt.
  5. And the song played just about any time. Accha gana hai to kitti bhi baar bajane ka kya?
So, that was long overdue. Now, I feel so good.

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Shabana Mukhtar