Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 18 | Mehwish Has Nowhere to Go

It is time to review the 18th episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho. This episode takes a predictable turn as Danish’s investment is getting returns. Acche din aa gaye. With much further ado, let’s dissect this one.

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Plot Summary

Danish’s track

Haniya calls Danish and scolds her for being away from Rumi. She suggests him that he gets married. Danish tells her that Rumi has Haniya in his mind for Danish. Googly! She hangs up.

Haniya throws the SIM from Mateen Sahab’s phone because she doesn’t want to talk to Danish anymore. Why, sis? He didn’t do anything wrong.
Who’s Haniya’s sister? Why so much make-up?

Danish and Salman become 50-50 partner.

Maham has also filed a case against Shahwar for forgery, fraud and what not. Police arrests him just before he is about to get married to Mehwish. What an interesting turn of events!

Maham kicks Mehwish out, ordering Diwan to give Mehwish money to survive in the cruel world outside.

But how did she know?

It was Diwan. He later tells Maham about Danish and what Diwan felt about Danish. He called Maham because he knew it was all temporary.
He also predicts that Mehwish will first go to her old residence.

قاتل پوری سزا کاٹے بغیر رہا ہو جائے تو ایک بار وہاں ضرور جاتا ہے جہاں قتل ہوا تھا۔

So true, and the same applies in Cake movie as well, but more on that later.

Mehwish meets Rumi in the school. He allows her to meet once in a month and takes her phone number to talk over phone. That little kid!

The driver informs Danish about Mehwish and Rumi’s meeting.
Mehwish goes to meet Shahwar but he asks her to go back, not because he cares for her but because he is scared of Maham.

Mehwish calls Salman and asks for a job. Salman invites her for dinner. We have no idea where she has been for these two days.

Rumi is still hopeful that things would go back to being normal.


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