Mushk | Episode 12

Let’s review the twelfth episode of Mushk.

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Malik learns that Roshni has escaped, and he collapses. The next natural step is to marry off Mahek and Adam immediately but Malik is hospitalized immediately.

Guddi continues with her plan and urges Roshni’s friends to meet her. Zulekha doesn’t let them. But…

At the station, quli helps Saquib and Roshni to elope while also parting some words of wisdom; very emotional scene and superbly executed. Qutbuddin and Rana are desperately searching for the eloped couple but instead of taking the train, they go by road.

Shayan finally gets to meet the SHO and narrates how he was locked out for a year and half. Muqaddar Khan tortures his wife while Masooma watches on. Shayan arrives with the SHO and as I had anticipated, SHO hands Shayan over to Muqaddar Khan. Told ya! At the same time, Khan orders Khawar to divorce Shayan’s sister.

What other option does Shayan have?

Shabana Mukhtar