Mushk | Episode 13

Let’s review the thirteenth episode of Mushk.

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Guddi is now brainwashing chota Malik. She tells him that his sickness is enforced and she can help him recover if he takes the medicines as she instructs. Good, something good will come off it. She’s playing her game well. She flirts with Dr Rana just the right amount so he wouldn’t get any wrong ideas. Love this character.


Saquib and Roshni are at Saquib’s aunt’s house. She seems nice. I hope that angle doesn’t result into any tragedy. But aunt’s place houses a few girls who talk in a very “professional” tone. Is Saquib really that bad? He has a sick sister but… Still… No reason to sell off Roshni to a brothel. Wait, there are more links. Saquib’s sister is bedridden for eight years, no thanks to chhote Malik.


Wow, just when I thought this is a regular story, it turn its head and shocks us. Well done!


Adam meets the quli and is able to find about Roshni. Will Adam find Roshni just in time?


I would like to mention Dil Lagi here, the Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat starrer drama. It was the drama where I noticed Imran Ashraf as a kickass funny side man. And now he’s leading, powering through the TRPs and our hearts with his talent.

Shabana Mukhtar