Mushk | Episode 17

Let’s review the seventeenth episode of Mushk.

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Muqaddar Khan has a mureed, and he sounds phony. Shayan doesn’t give a damn but then… We all know Shayan has no option except marrying Masooma.


Guddi is flirting with Adam unabashedly. Adam is still on the way. Roshni tells him everything that happened to her. Unnecessary drama as Roshni says she is scared to face her family now. Well, she should have thought about it before she eloped. We are all thinking about that very question.


Another drama ensues when Roshni meets her family. Zulekha not only forgives her but also taunts her indirectly. Well written and very well executed. The good thing is that Zulekha is now behaving nicely with Adam.


Guddi is not happy that Roshni is home but her next plan is working as expected. Ahmad Malik is able to stand on his feet.


Adam, on the other hand, offers prayers for patience and solidarity so he can see his love with another man. Nice lines as usual.


Later that night, Guddi tells him to forget about Mahek. Roshni also talks to Adam and thanks him again. Why do I sense that Roshni will seek refuge in Adam’s good nature?


We will find about her true intentions in next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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