Mushk | Episode 19

Let’s review the nineteenth episode of Mushk.

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This episode as Munna misses Shahmeer.

Adam talks to Mahek, both realizing just how vulnerable Guddi is. Guddi is still savage AF.

“Don’t try to sympathize with me. I did what I did so people cannot sympathize with me.”

We hear some more beautiful lines and then the trio (three and a half) arrive at Muqaddar Khan’s  house. Adam waits outside as Mahek takes Shahmeer inside. Guddi follows suit, asking Adam to wait for her.

Unsurprisingly, the two girls enter when Qazi saheb ask Shayan, “Qubool hai?” and he replies affirmatively. Too shocked to react, Mahek takes a U-turn. Why? She should have at least confronted Shayan. I am sure Muqaddar Khan would not force him to divorce his first wife. Just kidding!

Masooma’s mother curses Muqaddar Khan. The next moment we see Muqaddar Khan stumbling. Woah, that was fast, no?

Saquib is attending to his ailing sister. He imagines that Roshni is confronting him, asking one simple question. “Why did you avenge me for my father’s sin?”

Of course, that is illusion. The reality is Ruby who comes with two goons to collect twenty lakh rupees. Why is this Ruby woman hired? I don’t understand. Such terrible acting.

In this episode, ALL characters are grieving.

  • Shayan is upset to be forced into this matrimony.
  • Masooma is upset that her dulha doesn’t talk to her.
  • Guddi recalls her mother’s bitter words.
  • Mahek is mourning the death of her trust in Shayan.
  • Adam thinks about his untold love for Mahek.

Shayan kicks Masooma out of his room. Poor child! She isn’t even old enough to fall asleep by herself, and she is now married.

The episode ends as Saquib learns that her sister has passed away. Inna lillah…

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar