Mushk | Episode 20

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Mahek, Adam and Guddi are back home. Adam apologizes to Guddi for misundertanding her. Now that he knows about her background and her past. We all know Guddi likes Adam, even Adam knows Guddi likes him.

“Yunhi mere dil ki izzat karte rehna,” Guddi says.

I love the dialogues.

Malak Ahmed (I am sure I misspell his name every time), is walking again. He is back to his wadera style. Will he fight for the throne now? Will he try to take bade Malak’s place?  

“Mulazimon ko tankhwah sirf un ke munh se jawab sunne ke liye di jati hai. Unki ghurbat ko sawal karna zeb nahin deta…” Malak Ahmed says.

I love the dialogues.

By the way, Guddi has awakened a sleeping monster. Let us wait and see how Malak Ahmed avenges the evil deeds of his wife Zulekha and her accomplice Dr Rana. Will he reward Guddi? 

Shayan is suddenly bold and savage. The way he deals with Muqaddar Khan is fab. Pehle kidhar thhi yeh daring?

“Bachhi hai, chhoti hai, nikaah ka matlab nahin jaanti,” Shayan says.

I love the dialogues.

The best scene is Munna’s monologue when he recalls that he is an orphan, and Shahmeer has similar fate, even though Shahmeer’s father is alive.

I love the dialogues. 

Guddi and Adam have a date, sort of. Guddi cooks food for Adam and brings it for Adam. Together, they eat out in the open. Very cute

“Tum pehla muamla ho jo dil se aur marzi se kar rahi hoon,” Guddi says.

“Tumhara bachpana bahot masoom hai. Allah uski umr daraz karey,” Adam says.

This one has a very cliched scene, where Guddi feels cold and Adam gives her the jacket. Trope, right? It is not the tropes that make the  

I love the dialogues. 

Dr Rana’s little monologue throws some light on his backstory, just a little. Guddi is not giving him bhao any more and he is pissed, you can see.

I love the dialogues. 

I have said this plenty of times but trust me, the dialogues are simply superb. I replay some scenes, and these lines touch me every time.

Imran’s acting, uff, he is so good. Only Urwa matches his scale. Both are terrific together. I ship Adam with Guddi. LOVE THEM.

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